Trending Apps for iPhone and Android for Studying 2023

Trending Apps for iPhone and Android for Studying 2023
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Applications, commonly known as apps, are increasingly becoming the most popular means of interaction between people, services, and service providers. People using iPhones and iPads powered by iOS and other smartphones and tablets powered by Android can download apps built for studying purposes. These apps are evidence of the growing popularity of tutoring and writing centers providing students access to assistance in building competence in specific topics, subjects, or disciplines. The study apps below are among the most popular for 2023.


Duolingo is a popular app for learning to speak a new language accessible to users of iOS-powered mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android-powered mobile devices. The app provides users access to exercises designed as games, with its user-friendly interface making it popular with people across all age groups. The game-like activities focus on daily incremental physical, mental, and emotional growth. Although the app is free, users who prefer not to interact with ads must pay a $7 monthly subscription.


Udemy is a popular study app offering thousands of online courses. Accessible to mobile devices powered by iOS and Android, this app enables individual instructors who create courses in different subject matters to resell them to those in need, such as postgraduate students. The lessons are self-directed and take the form of lecture videos, quizzes, notes, and practice assignments. The most beneficial feature of Udemy is that it helps students in a similar way to the Wr1ter platform. Users can ask questions on difficult topics and have an instructor or assistant answer them.

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Quizlet is a popular study app available to users of iOS- and Android-powered smart devices. The app allows users to create digital flashcards that track their study habits. Besides playing games with the cards, users can read them out loud by turning on the inbuilt text-to-speech feature. Additionally, users can share their digital sets, meaning they can use pre-existing flashcards instead of starting from scratch. The app is free; however, those wishing not to have ads and study offline must pay a monthly subscription.


Epic is a study app popular with children because it provides users access to over 40,000 popular children’s books through iOS and Android devices. The app has an inbuilt dictionary feature that lets users look up words and complete comprehension quizzes at the end of a storybook. The app allocates a user a badge as a reward for reading achievement and offers book suggestions based on the user’s age and reading level. The app allows parents to manage users’ accounts through content filtering and progress monitoring.


Lingvano is a study app that allows users to build basic competency in American Sign Language (ASL). With five ACL introductory modules, each comprising 12 lessons, the app enables users to understand the most basic ASL gestures. The inbuilt sign language dictionary allows users to make quick references when they encounter difficult signing. The app provides the first module lesson for free, meaning users must pay a $16 monthly fee for unrestricted access to all 12 lessons per module.

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Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a free award-winning app popular with Pre-k to second-grade level learners accessible through iOS and Android devices. Since the activities in the app target Common Core and Head Start Early Learning curricula, the app is a vital reading comprehension resource for four- to five-year-old learners. These users can access books, games, and songs for robust learning experiences. The app allows parents to track their children’s progress by subject area and create daily and weekly study schedules for their children’s learning.


Babbel is a popular language learning study app accessible through iOS- and Android-powered smart devices. The app allows native speakers to voice spoken demonstrations in each lesson for greater language competency through proper inflection and cadence. The app has a voice recognition feature that enables users to practice language speaking early in the learning process. Users must subscribe to access the lessons and features in Babbel, with the subscription options being one, three, six, or 12 months or a one-time lifetime subscription.

In sum, study apps accessible through iOS- and Android-powered mobile devices are strong evidence of the growing popularity of tutoring and writing centers. iPhone users and users of smart devices powered by Android can access a range of study apps, including the seven mentioned above. The ubiquitous nature of smart devices is an incentive to study app developers because it ensures a ready market for their products. Therefore, educators have an opportunity to make apps the most accessible platform for learners across all age groups and study levels.

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