Top 5 WordPress Accessibility Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Accessibility Plugins
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Following the regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act is key for your website to be ADA compliant. One way to make your website user-friendly for all types of visitors is to incorporate ADA tools and plugins.

Using an ADA-compliant WordPress plugin can improve website usability for people with disabilities, however, it may slow down your website. In order to avoid slow loading times due to too many plugins, you need to invest in a premium plan such as cloud hosting.

There are several plugins available for ADA compliance, and experts recommend the following:

WP ADA Compliance

This plugin performs two primary functions: first, it scans your website for potential ADA compliance issues and second, it provides widgets and automatic corrections to address these issues, making it easy to ensure compliance across all types of websites. Furthermore, to ensure ongoing compliance, you can set the plugin to run automatically at predefined intervals.

It’s important to note that the free version of this plugin only analyzes up to 15 pages. If you have a larger website, you may need to purchase the premium version. However, the support is outstanding and the plugin is frequently updated with new features.

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The plugin’s advantages include exceptional accuracy in identifying issues, quick processing, and automatic issue resolution. The disadvantages are that larger websites require the premium version and that the feature set can be difficult to navigate at first.


UserWay is another WordPress plugin that improves website accessibility. This plugin is widely used and does not necessitate any changes to your existing website code. This makes it a developer-friendly option. The basic widget is free and supports designs with up to 28 attributes. While it is adequate for a trial, it may not be sufficient for a fully-fledged commercial website.

One of the most significant benefits of UserWay is its use of AI technology to scan your WordPress site for accessibility issues and provide valuable recommendations. Another advantage is that it allows people to navigate your website without using a mouse, making it more accessible to those with motor impairments.

AI technology from UserWay, such as contextual understanding, OCR, and image recognition, assists in meeting complex needs for screen reader and keyboard navigation modifications. Previously, ADA compliance required time-consuming, difficult, and costly manual efforts. Now, this process is completely automated by UserWay. The AI rescans your website every 24 hours to ensure that all content additions and changes are accessible and compliant.

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This is a free and powerful WordPress plugin. It automatically resolves any website accessibility issues and provides a customizable Skip-links menu. You can change the toolbar by selecting which features to display. There are also numerous options for customizing the appearance and functionality of the toolbar.

Furthermore, WAH has a scanner that analyzes selected pages for issues with graphics and links, indicating the location of the problem in the HTML code. We cannot forget their alt text editor, which allows you to quickly view website images and add any necessary tags.

WP Compatibility

Although the plugin is free, it is packed with features and can automatically implement various essential ADA compliance adjustments. Compared to other similar plugins, this one is not overburdened with technical jargon, making it easier for the average user to understand.

However, the disadvantage of using a free plugin is that customer support may not always be prompt.

Online ADA’s Accessibility Suite

This plugin not only performs a website audit but also generates a report on color blindness by evaluating color contrast. The audit only takes a few minutes to complete and identifies any ADA and 508 compliance issues across the entire website.

Although the contrast checker is slightly off, the compliance checker is useful for tracking issues using a checklist. The free plugin, however, only scans your homepage.

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Nonetheless, this scan gives a good indication of whether there are any problems throughout the website, as problems on the homepage are likely to be repeated elsewhere. All audits are saved for future reference and you can schedule audits at specific intervals.


In conclusion, if you want a successful website, you have to make it accessible to everyone. People with disabilities should find it easy to visit your website and read your content. If you want to make this possible, use one of the plugins mentioned above!

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