Tips and Tricks for Better and Easier OBD2 Use

Tips and Tricks for Better and Easier OBD2 Use
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Whether you are a beginner or not, using an OBD2 scan tool is not a difficult task. It is something that anyone can do, anyone can learn and anyone can afford. Learning how to use an OBD2 scan tool is an essential thing to make sure that you are always in a smooth and fault-free repair process. Despite the importance of the OBD2 scan tool, many people bought a kind of tool like without even learning how it would be used and how it can better serve you.

Such cases lead to some confusion and perhaps a misinterpretation of the trouble codes. The user may then end up spending too much and leaving the car with serious damage. Shed up some light by reading OBD2 scanner reviews as well as tips and tricks so can have a better idea of how to use it to the fullest.

What Makes the OBD2 Scanner Differs from the OBD1

You can use the scan tool better if you understand its use and you know what that OBD2 port is really for. The OBD2 port is the standard computer interface in the automotive industry since 1996. This port will give way to all matching scanner tools in order to show the errors it was getting. Before it was mandated maybe way back in 1994, cars have different computer controls and the ports vary from car to car with their own protocols.

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It has been very hard for car owners to buy a scan tool that matches their port before so the arrival of the OBD is a blessing to most car users. The OBD is an approach to check different errors in the vehicles and has released the OBD1 to check car problems. However, problems occurred when most automakers developed codes and definitions and it has been very difficult to identify problems associated with motor failure in the version-I of the OBD.

This is why the OBD version II was born. The OBD2 scanner is considered to be the most reliable innovation in the world of onboard diagnostic tools. This is because it offers a lot of features and shows distinct differences from the first version. For you to understand the OBD2 scan tool, this scanner falls into two types: the Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner and the Wired OBD2 Scanner.

Different types of OBD2 Scanner

For you to have different options, the OBD2 was made in different types. Both of them are important but we have really different preferences so you can choose both or just opt for one kind that would sound better and easier for you.

Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

The Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner gives you the power to make the diagnosis quickly with your bare hands. This type of scanner has been designed to be compatible with multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. The Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner can simply be plugged in under the hood before transmitting appropriate data from your car to your preferred device. Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner is good even for beginners because it is easy to use and only consumes a small in your glove box.

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Wired OBD2 Scanner

The Wired OBD2 Scanner from the name itself, is packed with a wire in order to be connected. Since it is being wired, it has no smartphone or tablet connection. After scanning, you have to read the codes from extracting them probably via USB so you can understand what’s wrong with the car. This type seems to be a little bit hard to use yet it still offers awareness when it comes to diagnosing car troubles.

Generic versus Enhanced Scan Tools

There are different other types of scan tools that can be found in the world of the automotive market: the generic, enhanced, and factory OBD2 scan tools. Some shop needs a factory scan tool that has been specifically made by and for the OEM. This type of scanner has been rarely used by DIY car owners for they can usually be found in every OEM or factory owner.

The most commonly used is only the generic and the enhanced scanner and they respectively have lower prices than the factory scanner.

Generic Scan Tools

The Generic Scan Tool is the device that only provides the emission-based information of the vehicle. It is limited to PCM or engine data and will not give bi-directional tests.

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Enhanced Scan Tools

The Enhanced Scan Tool will give you additional information on the computer modules of the vehicle. When you have enhanced tools, you get into things other than the engine itself. Like the generic scanner, it also provides access to OEM-specific information.

Let the Choice be yours

The fact that you can’t use the OBD2 Scanner really better, easily, and more comfortably without familiarizing its basic types and functions will lead you to draw close to the device first before making any purchase decision. How can you do that? The will help you.

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