10 Technological Inventions That Make Life Easier and Fun For Every Indonesian

10 Technological Inventions That Make Life Easier and Fun For Every Indonesian
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Fifty years ago it would have been unthinkable to go on vacation to Bali with the family while an electronic voice was showing us the way or to spend Sunday afternoons watching our favorite movies through the screen of television with connection to a new invention called the Internet.

But the years have passed, the future has arrived and gadgets have appeared that although now seem to us the most normal have revolutionized our lives making it easier and, why not, fun.

Let’s review 10 of these great inventions that technology has left us in recent years.

1. 3D Printers

The 3D printer is another of the inventions of the future that are already part of our present.

Who would have imagined years ago that it would be possible to buy a printer that allows you to manufacture small or large-scale objects that you may need in your daily life? Not only do they exist, but they are for sale and there are more and more alternatives available.

Beyond 3D, printers, in general, have come to make life easier by allowing us to print text and images from any device connected to it. There are still many who have doubts about which smartwatch or devices/gadgets to buy, so there are web pages such as VALUEQ Indonesia that are intended to help users find the best option that meets their needs. The Canon PIXMA Printer – G2010 is a great product from Cannon and is a part of the revolution in the tech world. It is affordable at a discount rate on Value. Having this product in your office or house adds color to your world.

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2. Personal Computers

In the 1970s, we would never have imagined that those gadgets just introduced to the public and known as personal computers would revolutionize the way we communicate, buy and even work.

But those heavy and rough gadgets evolved into the sophistication, speed, and functionality of the latest generation laptops and extra-thin screens that we can enjoy today. In 2014 alone, some 308 million units of personal computers were sold, almost nothing for a machine that changed all of our lives!

3. Smartphones

Mobiles radically changed the way we communicate, but nothing remains today of those first devices that arrived in the 80s. The era of Nokia, Motorola and Panasonic have given way to the sophistication of Apple and Samsung; and more and more users are searching for the best mobiles at the best price.

And in this aspect, more and more accessible alternatives emerge, worthy of competing with the big brands, such as the case of Chinese mobiles. Brands like Xiaomi, Huawei or Lenovo are gaining more and more ground in the market, so buying Chinese mobiles is an increasingly valued option.

4. Portable Music Players

Although many mobiles now incorporate this function, the idea of ​​being able to listen to music on the move marked a before and after in our lives.

The revolution started with Sony in 1979 at the hands of the Walkman, which made it possible to walk down the street listening to our favorite songs. Later the Discman emerged, which changed the cassette tapes for CDs. And in 1998 mp3 players were born making it possible to carry more than 2,000 songs in a pocket.

5. Game Consoles

From the Nintendo GameBoy to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox, video game consoles have transformed our lives from an early age, making boredom relegated to the background. But the video game fever has jumped from television to the screen of mobile devices, where there are hundreds of applications designed to emulate the greatest video games.

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There are ones for all tastes and for all devices, such as soccer for Android, a video game designed for soccer lovers in which one-on-one games can be played on Android devices. But the game fever does not end there and there is even a specialized soccer website where you can learn everything about the game: from how to unlock exclusive characters, to the best tips, guides for leagues by countries or soccer tricks.

6. Digital Cameras

Today, there are those who travel with a camera on their smartphone, another digital one around their neck to take professional photos and a GoPro-style action camera in their pocket.

As a result, social media is saturated with images; and there are even networks like Instagram exclusively dedicated to photography. We no longer miss anything and no memory evades us.

But there was a time when cameras were only accessible to a lucky few, they photographed in black and white, they were rough and bulky and they also worked with a reel that later had to be carried to reveal.

The appearance of digital cameras has revolutionized our days and allows us to capture all kinds of memories so that as the years go by we remember even what we ate when we went out to dinner.

7. Smart Watches

If digital watches have already revolutionized the market, smart watches have gone one step further.

Now it is possible to receive calls, check the weather, measure the pulse and even answer messages through a smartwatch placed on our wrist. And while they are not yet a definitive product, they are beginning to have a promising future that will surely help create a profitable market in the world of technology.

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8. Electronic Book Readers

E-readers or e-book readers have turned the paper industry upside down. Now it is no longer necessary to have to carry a 600-page book everywhere to be able to read it, but thanks to an electronic book reader we can have dozens and even hundreds of books without noticing the weight.

And all this saving money and gaining in comfort.

9. Smart Televisions

Television managed to put the entire world at a screen distance, but it is not everything: we have gone from black and white television to color television, and then to flat screens, to 3D and finally to Smart technology that allows access to the Internet from the same television.

Even if you do not have a smart TV, you have the possibility of converting yours into one of them thanks to a decoder.

In this way, acquiring a qviart decoder you will be able to access a universe of channels and content through your television.

10. Navigation Systems

Driving for hours without knowing how to get to the destination is possible thanks to the appearance of navigation or GPS systems, which have managed to become an essential part of our daily life.

According to data, between 2008 and 2009 almost 40 million navigation systems were used. Now, also, we can also download specific programs from our mobile phone to have the guarantee and peace of mind of being able to reach our destination without knowing the way.

And although these 10 gadgets have changed the way we see and understand life, they are only the beginning of a technological revolution that has only just begun. In a few years, we will probably be witness to new inventions that we would not be able to imagine now. And there is not so much left to see them.

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