5 Ways Sms Marketing Can Help Increase Revenue for Your New Business!

5 Ways Sms Marketing Can Help Increase Revenue for Your New Business!
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Text messaging has become an integral part of everyone’s life – even businesses! With mass texting becoming all the rage in recent years, we see how this communication method can increase trust, reliability, and relationship between consumers and business owners/employees.

Mass texting is the process of sending a singular message to an entire contact list without much effort or personalization at the end of the business. By composing a message before sending it and choosing who you want to send it to, you can limit the number of resources you spend that could be better used elsewhere.

Furthermore, mass texting can reach hundreds – or thousands – of people at one time! You can share coupon deals, new things happening in your store, important information regarding a product, or other crucial information that would not be read if you sent it in an email or newsletter.

Another component of mass texting has become a popular marketing tool in recent years to help build new businesses – let’s learn more here check it out!

The 5 main benefits of using SMS marketing for your business!

Many businesses have turned to mass texting in recent years to expand their target market and reach their clientele – and they should continue making text message marketing a part of their main customer communication strategy for the future!

As more brands look to reach customers while they are outside of the house and on the go, whether driving between work and home or picking up their child from school, SMS marketing is becoming a more common and integral part of marketing to your ideal clientele. However, with a low number of digital marketing agencies making this service possible and attainable for small businesses, clients and new businesses could be missing out on the best benefits of using SMS marketing.

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One misconception commonly found when it comes to SMS marketing and mobile communication is the reliance on apps and lack of personalization that typically leads to a higher return on investment. However, when looking at the effectiveness of mass texting and SMS marketing, we see that mobile communications mean consumers are more likely to read the message and perceive the information than using other communication methods.

Let’s see the benefits of using SMS marketing for your new business and how it can help your marketing strategy take off in the upcoming months!

SMS marketing is a direct channel

One of the main benefits of using SMS marketing is the direct and immediate channel from business to consumer in just seconds. Just Like when you text your friends, you compose a message and hit send – and it is immediately delivered to your friend’s phone. Not to mention, open rates for SMS messages are much higher than other communication methods, with people checking their phones usually over 150 times per day!

Chances are that during one of these 150 checks the customer is going to see your message. Furthermore, SMS has higher open rates than email, along with a higher chance of the information being perceived by the customer when compared to annoying phone calls during the workday.

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You can use shortcodes

You can simplify the entire process by asking your customers to use shortcodes or keywords. Adding shortcodes can simplify customer responses, reach more people, build your database, and have a higher likelihood of interaction between you and customers. By using keywords, it means that customers will soon realize your brand’s image, keyword, and brand, and are more likely to “search” for your brand in real life. In text messages, if they see a certain acronym or a hashtag that relates to your business, and then they see the same symbol in real life, they will feel an immediate connection to your company.

Integrate with other channels

The third benefit of using SMS marketing for your new business is the ability to support and integrate with other marketing channels for a multi-faceted approach. Just like other aspects of business, everything in your company must work together to create a seamless brand image and operating method – the same goes for SMS marketing.

SMS marketing can work as a standalone method and can be effective as a singular marketing method – but it can be even more effective when properly used with other channels! This powerful strategy can enhance other marketing mediums, such as mass emails, social media platforms, and online blogs.

For example, you can send a mass email about a new promotion to your store, offering 40% off for email subscribers to your current list. If you find that not enough people have read the email or taken advantage of the special deal, you can send a follow-up SMS text that can help increase email open rates, simultaneously getting more subscribers to your email list.

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Increase customer engagement

Everyone weeks to feel like they are special and looked after – the same goes for consumers. If you send SMS texts to your customers, they will feel like you are directly communicating with them. Using SMS marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and increase the likelihood of responses from your desired clientele.

Businesses should view SMS marketing as a way to change and enhance how your business communicates with your clients, instead of just reaching out via the same traditional channels that are often less effective. Businesses should consistently change the type of content to send to their customers, such as email promotions, phone call deals, text message offerings, and updates via online blogs.

Lets you monitor and track data

Sms marketing lets you track your return on investment by analyzing your data gathered via text messaging. By monitoring and analyzing your delivery and open rates of your mass texts, you can see how valuable SMS marketing is to your business and how it can bring in more revenue than other methods. By using these analytics, businesses can enhance their marketing strategy.


Using SMS marketing is a foolproof way to build a new marketing strategy to increase customer communication by using other channels. Instead of solely phone calls, emails, or physical mail, businesses can begin using SMS marketing to help gather important data, learn more about their clientele, engage with their target market, and integrate with other channels.

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