12 Tips to Sell More Copies of Your Book

12 Tips to Sell More Copies of Your Book
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Increasing your readership and selling more copies of your books is not as difficult as you might think. You can improve your marketing sales to achieve the book sales goals you’ve set for yourself. Keep reading this blog to find twelve actionable tips to increase your book sales.

Edit and format properly

If your book is full of mistakes and isn’t formatted properly, you won’t be able to sell more copies of the book. It’s essential to ensure that your book has no grammatical mistakes. You should edit your book thoroughly, so your readers find it more interesting.

Run-on sentences and odd spacing in your book can make it hard to digest. It’s important for you to format your book the right way. Here are some essential book formatting tips you should adopt:

  • Use the 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Choose the U.S. standard page size.
  • Apply a single space after periods.
  • Use page breaks in your book.

Choose an attractive book cover

Readers might not “judge a book by its cover,” but they do find those books attractive that have a good cover. You need to pick a great book cover that summarizes the contents of your book and persuades your readers.

Many writers think they should create book covers themselves. However, keep in mind that creating a book cover yourself is not the best option. If you are writing a fantasy book, it’s better to rely on fantasy book cover designers to get an attractive cover for your book.

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Identify your target audience

As a writer, you might try to market your book to everyone. Keep in mind that this approach is not going to help you sell more copies. You have to be very specific about your readership to ensure that you target the right people.

Get started by spending more time studying the people in your target audience. Doing so will allow you to learn how you can market your book effectively without spending a ton of money. You can also rely on “Audience persona” to learn more about your target audience and create your marketing strategies.

Build a great website

The best way you can present all information about yourself and your books is through your website. A proper website allows you to get discovered by your target audience and showcase your writings.

The “Blog” section on your website will allow you to share your thoughts and optimize for keywords that people search online.

Building a website is not as difficult as you might think. You can get started by learning how to establish your website from scratch if you spend some time on it.

Focus on social media

To sell more copies of your books, you must ensure that you build your presence on social media. Creating your profiles on social platforms allows you to capture the attention of your target audience and interact with your readers.

Getting started with social media is not difficult at all. You don’t have to learn programming skills to create social profiles and grow your audience.

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Not posting any content on social media will make it difficult for you to grow your influence. It’s better to create a “social media calendar” so you can post regularly on social platforms.

Sell on Amazon

Listing your books on Amazon can help you increase your readership in no time. The good thing about Amazon is that it’s effortless to get started with it, and you don’t have to hire professionals to strengthen your presence on Amazon.

Remember that you will have to familiarize yourself with how Amazon works to achieve your book marketing goals. Here are some Amazon book marketing essentials you should implement:

  • Select niche categories on Amazon.
  • Add more categories to your books.
  • Optimize for best-selling keywords.
  • Keep refreshing your Amazon book pages.

Prioritize advertising

No matter how interesting, engaging, and informative your book is, you won’t be able to sell more copies of your books. You need to run ads on Search Engines and social platforms to get discovered by your target audience.

Running ads online is a lot more affordable than many people think. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to run ads. It’s better to get started with a small budget, as you can spend more money if you get results from your ads.

Grow your email list

If you want to stay connected with your readers and keep them informed about your new books, it’s better to get started with email marketing.

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Getting results from email marketing is a bit difficult compared to other strategies. Firstly, you will have to grow your email list, and then you will have to use an email marketing tool to send proper emails. But remember that it’s worth spending your time and effort on email marketing.

Publish great videos

Many writers find it hard to accept that video is the most important type of content nowadays. People prefer to watch videos instead of reading lengthy blog posts.

You might find it hard to create and post videos as a writer. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to buy high-end gear to record and edit videos for online audiences. You can get started with your smartphone to create videos that engage people.

Arrange reading sessions

One of the best ways to persuade people to buy your book is to hold reading sessions. In a reading session, you can show your audience how you have expressed your thoughts in a specific chapter. You can publish the reading sessions easily on YouTube.

Appear on podcasts

Another great way to promote your books is to appear on podcasts. Conversing with the host on a specific topic on a podcast allows you to build your influence on your target audience. You can find podcast opportunities online in no time.

Expand your network

Networking allows you to promote your books by tapping into new audiences. Growing your network is not as difficult as you might think. You can join online or on-site networking events to grow your readership in no time.

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