Remote Working Trends to Prevail in 2019

Remote Working Trends to Prevail in 2019
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Who could imagine working from home a few decades ago? Remote working wasn’t even a concept back then. Working from home was only a thing for people with cottage industry setups. But when it comes to proper jobs and employments with big companies and firms, it wasn’t a possibility. We owe this lucrative opportunity to the internet. Working from home is not just a treat that you can get once-in-a-blue-moon. It has emerged as a standard procedure across the world!

Do you know that more than 50% of the workforce in the United States work remotely? While in the United Kingdom, around 1.5 million employees work remotely. No wonder every house has a steady subscription to one of the high-performance Spectrum Internet plans or Xfinity’s. Internet at homes is not only used for entertainment anymore. Let’s figure out the contemporary trends about working remotely. 

People’s Preference 

According to a survey conducted by Hire Intelligence, more than one-third of the employees chose a flexible approach to work over a salary raise. This approach is more adaptable and preferred. The developing trends clearly indicate that the employees want to enjoy this liberty and improve their work experience. 

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Increased Expectations by Employers

Since the trend of remote work is on the rise, so are the demands and expectations of employers. When it comes to remote work, the potential employees could be anywhere in the world and not just the particular city or state where the company is based. This increases competition. The employers are expected to become even more demanding this year. They would expect extra skills, competence, in-depth know-how of their pertinent field. 

Since remote working is not new anymore, basic skills like email and word processing are no longer considered added skills. Today, a complex acumen of different digital skills and trend are more appreciated. Some prized abilities are social media management, knowledge of web-designs, and digital skills. The most sought-after skill this year would be the ability to effectively manage a virtual office. 

So, if you are someone who is trying to improve their chances of getting remote jobs, it would be a good idea to polish your digital skills like copywriting, coding, data analytics, and Photoshop. 

Shared Workspaces

When introduced initially, remote working was considered something with a sense of escape. This was perhaps the most appealing thing attached to it. Working from home meant no alarm clocks buzzing, no office politics, freedom to work in pj’s, and having your own schedule. While this independence seemed tempting, it came with a major drawback: loneliness. People became prone to isolation and craved to move into a community. 

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This lead to another trend that is to prevail in 2019. The new trend is having shared workspaces. It’s more like returning to the conventional office only with gentler rules and guideline. Some hustle and bustle, typical to an official environment is ensured in this setup. But it wouldn’t go to the extent of bosses looming over everyone’s shoulders. People here are working for different people and on different projects. But the mandatory office interaction near a water-cooler keeps them happy and going.

You can call shared workspaces the best of both worlds!

Specialization is of Paramount Importance

Since the competition is escalating, you need to increase your expertise in your relevant niche to meet the demands of recruiters. If you want to enter the empire of remote workers, you will have to make yourself worthy of it. Some essential pluses would be having a firm grasp of some foreign language, unparalleled expertise of a particular area or skill, a knack to detect prospective trends by assessing the analytics, and so on. 

Cyber Security Will Reach New Levels

Huge names and corporations such as Facebook are reporting security breaches. These gigantic companies have invested heavily in systems to keep their data safe. Still, data breaches indicate that cybersecurity needs to be improved greatly. Reportedly, 72% of the security issues occur in small setups. Small start-ups is another rising trend of this year. Therefore, effective measures and policies will be introduced to prohibit data breaches for both, in-office as well as remote staff. 

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Competition and Training

Millennials are trying to settle into this newfound remote lifestyle. While Generation Z is still on the outlook to have the same multi-hyphenated approach. According to the predictions by experts, Gen Z, that has equipped itself with skills like video editing and social media management, will make around 40% of the total workforce by the year 2020. This young generation is going to give a tough competition to the rest. 

For those who are reading this post to get better chances of remote jobs, invest in online courses, training, and equip yourself with complex digital skills. You shouldn’t be surprised if setups like Spectrum Internet support are also run by representatives working remotely. Because this shift is huge. The best approach would be getting more skills and expertise in your pertinent field to have better chances of a job. 

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