Application process of regional skilled visa subclass 491

Application process of regional skilled visa subclass 491
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Australia has introduced new regional visas subclass a few months ago. These regional visas are becoming very famous in the Australian immigration scene. The introduction of new provisional visas has few factors behind it. The most significant factor is to attract skilled individuals and talented people from all around the globe to regional areas of Australia. This will help in the development of regional Australia and will ultimately benefit the country’s economy. It will also help the growth of the population in provincial areas as the population density is very low in these areas. It will also take the burden of the fast-growing population in the metropolitan.

These new visa subclasses are presenting many new options for the people who are waiting for their chance of Australian PR. But one has to be very vigilant to avail of these opportunities as many skilled people are waiting to apply for these new visas. A new stream of regional skilled visa is introduced for Queensland state nomination. In this article, we will discuss the application process of this new stream so that it can become easy to understand.

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Small business owner stream of subclass 491 for Queensland

This new stream of subclass 491 is for Queensland state nomination. This stream allows the skilled migrant who is already living in Australia and operating a small business in regional areas of Queensland to live and work there for 5 years. This new stream can prove to a pathway for Australian PR.

Important points about this new stream

Here are some important facts about this new stream of subclass 491

  • Must be living onshore
  • The applicable location for this visa stream is anywhere in regional Queensland
  • One must be operating a successful small business for 6 months at minimum before applying for this stream
  • Must be the sole owner of the business
  • Must have bought an existing business for at least $100,000.
  • Should have experience running a successful business.

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The application process of small business owner stream of subclass 491

Following are the steps of the application process of this stream

Step 1:

One must read and comprehend the eligibility criteria of both the department of home affairs and business and skilled migration Queensland (BSMQ). The applicant must satisfy all of their conditions.

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Step 2:

Read about the required documents of the department of home affairs and BSMQ website and gather them


One has to apply for Queensland state nomination first. For that, the applicant must submit an expression of interest with the skills select. One must mention all the information like experience and qualification tec.

Step 4:

BSMQ will check your EOI according to the home affairs and BSMQ requirements. If you get selected you will receive an email to lodge your application and submit the required documents to BSMQ

Step 5:

In the final stage after receiving an invitation to lodge the application. One must submit all the required documents and should pay the fee.

We hope that in this article we are able to give a basic understanding of the application process of the new stream of subclass 491. If you are a migrant in Australia waiting for Australian PR opportunity this new stream might be a good opportunity for you.

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