3 Ways to Download YouTube MP3 Online for Free

3 Ways to Download YouTube MP3 Online for Free
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YouTube to Mp3 is a way of getting YouTube Mp4 content into an Audio File. Mp3 format is compressed with the loss of unnecessary data from an original file. The uncompressed and lossy version of the file is miniature and can be easily spread over the internet due to its small size. The best thing about Mp3 is it is accessible on every device, Easy to share, and takes small memory in your device. YouTube to Mp3 allows users to listen to their favorite.

YouTube content anywhere without having WIFI or cellular data. YouTube is one of the richest and big content hubs. Many songs can be found online on YouTube only. These evergreen songs are only available in MP4 format. To listen to these songs, you must be connected to WIFI or cellular data. YouTube to Mp3 helps the user to convert the video content into Mp3.

Need for YouTube to MP3:

Even in 2021, people find it hard to download YouTube videos in Mp3 format. Many people use paid websites to download YouTube content in Mp3. Some people still rely on annoying ads to get their desired YouTube videos into their devices. Downloading YouTube Video in Mp3 is needed by every YouTube user. The offline mode of YouTube is not sustainable. It has limited options. YouTube allows only selected videos to download on its apps.

Need for YouTube to MP3

The downloaded YouTube videos can only be available in MP4 format. Once your mobile screen is turned off, you won’t continue listening to the songs. The offline mode of YouTube needs a connection to refresh its saved content. In short, YouTube’s download option is not feasible. It is easy to find songs on YouTube of different lengths and qualities. The problem is you can only listen to them in Mp3 format until you’re mobile is connected to the internet, and your mobile screen must remain turned on.

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Solution To YouTube Download Problem:

To solve the above problem, we have developed a solution to download the YouTube Video into Mp3 format. We have already defined the Mp3 format and its accessibility; converting YouTube’s video into MP3 format can only solve YouTube’s problems.

3 Best Websites to Download YouTube to Mp3 Online for Free:

There are so many websites available on the internet to download YouTube videos into Mp3. But, almost all sites are paid. Few of them provide free service with so many annoying ads. We are going to recommend three ways to download YouTube mp3 online for free. After deep consideration, we have selected the following three websites with the best result of downloading YouTube mp3 online for free.


This site is user-friendly with a fundamental theme. There are not so many options but not limited to user desire. This site allows you to have YouTube mp3 in a few clicks. The site has the best quality conversion tools. This site allows you to convert YouTube videos into Mp3 online without any hassle. The website is too fast to load in seconds, and it provides ads-free YouTube to Mp3 downloading services. Now you don’t have to scroll down to find the best conversion tools. Type the address at the URL, and You will be a few clicks away to get your favorite YouTube songs in Mp3 format.

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Follow these steps to Download YouTube MP3:

  • Open your browser and type mp3download.to on the URL. The site will be open in a few seconds.
  • Select the YouTube Downloader and then paste the link to the space given under YouTube Downloader. Then click on Start Over.
  • The website then asks you about the different formats available for conversion. Click on Your desired format, and in a few seconds, your YouTube Mp3 file will be ready to download.


Is also another website with quality service. ONTIVA powerfully works on YouTube videos To MP3 Files. ONTIVA promises to give the best YouTube to Mp3 downloading services without scrolling and clicking on many ads.


ONTIVA offers unlimited access to users to download YouTube videos. ONTIVA allows users to have free registration. It allows its users to have their desired formats with few clicks without even lending to different pages. The site provides the best services without showing annoying ads.

The following formats are available:

  • YouTube To Mp3
  • YouTube to Mp4
  • YouTube Downloader
  • Convert YouTube Playlist
  • YouTube to WAV
  • YouTube Converter

Steps to Download Videos Through ONTIVA:

  • Open Your Browser and type “ontiva.com” on the URL of Your browser.
  • After pressing enter, the site will be opened. You will see numerous options for converting YouTube videos into different formats.
  • Copy the link of your desired YouTube Video paste it on the space given as search or paste the link, then click start over. In a few seconds, several formats will be displayed to you. Select the Mp3 format, and your YouTube Mp3 file will be ready to download in a few seconds.
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YTHUB.CC is one of the best search engines in the music world. The website has an attractive theme combination of black and white. This site helps you download your favorite YouTube playlist into your device and play wherever the user wants without an internet connection.


The option makes the conversion process more concise by removing one step. You don’t have to open YouTube and copy links; search it on YTHUB through YouTube Video Search Option. YTHUB allows its user to save YouTube videos in Mp3 formats. The sites have many formats, which are listed below.

  • YouTube Video Search:
  • YouTube To Mp3:
  • YouTube Playlist to MP3
  • Video Audio/Clutter


Nowadays, it is hard to find ads free tools on the internet. Almost all websites are consisting of so many annoying ads. The developer always tries to make visitor clicks on different annoying ads to provide free service. Only premium website with paid accounts provides free YouTube to Mp3juice download service. We have suggested three ways to download YouTube to Mp3 online for absolutely free to handle the problem. These three websites are themselves, competitors, to each other. Their primary goal is to provide desired services to users without annoying ads. All these websites are user-friendly. Even naive users can enjoy their YouTube to Mp3 services. These 3 websites provide ads-free best results of YouTube to Mp3 online services for free.

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