The new changes that Facebook will launch on advertisers for ad targeting over email

The new changes that Facebook will launch on advertisers for ad targeting over email
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The Facebook social networking giant will work to close the security holes by a series of changes that will be made in its platform, after the penetration of the Cambridge data Analytica. Among these changes will be a certification tool that will ensure that marketers do not send advertisements to e-mail addresses unless they are approved by the user. SMM PANEL

A Message was spotted by TechCrunch, This message was between a Facebook rep and a marketing client about the tool called a custom audience certificate. The message was: “Advertisers will be required to represent and warrant that proper user consent has been obtained for the use of any data uploaded.”

According to an e-mail containing contacts, it,s an anonymous e-mail containing some information that says Facebook will work to prevent the sharing of custom audience data through commercial accounts. Facebook confirmed that the tool will require digital agencies and advertisers to prove that they had permission to use user data.

Facebook has announced that it is now temporarily suspending the App review so new applications will not be able to join the platform. Social networking Facebook made all these changes in response to the fact that Cambridge Analytica used a third-party application called “thisisyourdigitallife” in March, which used this application to obtain user data and misused it up to 50 million accounts Of Facebook accounts. The New York attorney general is now investigating Facebook with Massachusetts about the actions that were made during the data penetration period.

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