How to Retain Your Employees During the Pandemic

How to retain your employees during the pandemic
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Pandemic has brought a lot of chaos in every industry. One common issue that every company has been facing is – losing its human resources. It is not just the companies laying off their staff for economic stability, but the employees are also leaving the firms for various reasons. 

To find something better or to start a new career elsewhere, the employees are changing their directions. In a usual scenario, an estimate of about 3 million Americans quit their job to pursue something better. It might seem more reasonable for the one working but, it is very costly for the employer. 

Reportedly, it takes 21% of the annual salary of an average employee when it comes to replacing them. The cost is tremendous. Additionally, recent research found that 4 out of 10 professionals feel their career has stagnated from the beginning of the Covid crisis. They want to quit the job to pursue more meaningful and fulfilling ones. This pattern is mostly seen amongst the young generation aging 18-24.

Then how do you retain the employees? Here are some tips for human resources to consider.

Onboarding and orientation

Around 37% of the hiring managers say that the new hires would last in the company longer if they are better informed during the hiring process. It also includes the information shared during employee onboarding. 

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The onboarding of a new employee shouldn’t just include company values and missions, but also information about the work culture and growth would increase the determination of the employee to stick around longer.

Being honest is the key. Let the employee know about the workings during the peak hours and how the work-life balance is taken care of. Instead of sugar-coating the job description, inform them about the pros and cons of the job. It will help you have a better relationship with the employee.

Be employee-centric

It seems like an obvious statement. Many companies swear by keeping the employees’ interests first. They provide all the health care benefits and good bonuses now and then. However, it is not enough if the employee is being treated as a robot. The firm needs to understand not to stretch the person enough to break.

For most of the employees, money is important. And, to some, it is necessary. No matter how crucial money is to anyone’s life, no one would want to beat themselves up to the extreme every day. The employee would always find a better position with better pay. So, consider their interests and be lenient enough to have some space of their own.

Empathy and understanding go a long way. So, show compassion towards their situation. And understand their needs and ambitions. A good employee is always taken for granted. How? Because they are pretty good at what they do that you barely expect anything less. They might not be complaining, but feeling fatigued and drained. Keep looking for such people and acknowledge their efforts.

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Recognize and reward

One innovative approach to motivating and retaining employees is by rewarding with crystal awards for their milestones and exceptional contributions. Such tokens of appreciation not only acknowledge their hard work but also instill a sense of belonging and recognition among peers, enhancing team morale and loyalty towards the organization

As mentioned above, many employees are an asset to the company but are usually overlooked pretty easily. These employees are hard workers and would do better if they were given enough recognition and acknowledgment. As you gauge the performances of all the employees at equal intervals. Get to the graph of each employee to understand who stands where. 

Once that is created, recognize the staff members for the valuable efforts they have been putting into the company’s growth. There is nothing like getting praised by colleagues to start working better. Instead of awarding the same person each time, come up with different patterns that acknowledge each member of the team.

The objective of recognizing each team member will increase the interest of the employees to concentrate on their jobs. It will enhance productivity and thus better the profits for the company.

Mentoring and team activities

As they say, ”all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Anything done extreme can get tedious. It also includes the everyday tasks an employee does at the office. The job needs to have a bit of entertainment and fun to have a break from tiresome chores. Organizing fun games, and inviting an orator for pep talks can be icebreakers for the employees to gel well with the corporation.

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Every employee, no matter what position they are in, would want to have someone who can mentor them through their career goals. Career counselors can always be helpful for the employee to climb their ladder in the company. You can get such counselors or career orators who can give a fresh angle to the employees. But how would you find a good one? There are tools available online that can help you search for such specialists. One of the tools is It is an AI-powered email search platform with massive database access to all the professional email addresses of everyone around the world.

With just the name and the company of the professional, you can search an email address to contact. This amazing tool also comes with a Chrome extension to the LinkedIn website. So, when you search for any profile on this professional media website, you will be able to get their email address as well. Utilize this tool to contact professional counselors who can assist your employees better. 

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