How Hair Salon Prices Have Changed in the Last Five Years

How Hair Salon Prices Have Changed in the Last Five Years
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You might have noticed that your energy bill is higher than usual, and that’s for good reason. Energy prices have been on the rise, directly impacting the hairdressing industry, which relies heavily on energy sources.

While this trend may be hair-raising, we will ‘cut’ you a break with tips on how to ‘trim’ your salon energy consumption to ensure you stay within budget while still providing your customers with great service.

Energy Prices Increase

Reasons For Price Rises

The reason for the rise in energy prices is due to colder winters and increased natural gas extraction and electricity generation. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, you can find energy deals online or through your utility company. There are many different types of energy deals available, so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs.

The increased demand for energy means power supply shortages, leading to price hikes. The cost of natural gas has also gone up in recent years due to increased demand from China and other countries like India, South Korea, Japan etc. Power generation is still inefficient in these countries, which all have coal-fired plants.

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Many people are switching from coal-fired heating systems because they feel it’s bad for the environment – thus creating even more demand!

Energy In The Hairdressing Industry

The service industry is a major consumer of electricity, gas and water.

Hairdressers use electricity for blow dryers, flat irons and other equipment to style clients’ hair.

They also use gas for heaters or steamers, which are used to dry or set clients’ hairstyles after they have been washed or dyed with chemical solutions such as bleach or dye.

Hairdressers also need clean water in order to shampoo their customers’ hair before cutting it into new styles so that it remains healthy and shiny looking at all times!

Hairdressers need plenty of light in order to see clearly while working on clients’ heads, but they also want natural light coming through windows so that customers feel relaxed while being treated by professionals who know how best to make them look good without causing any damage!

What Does This Have To Do With My Haircut?

For one thing, haircuts are being charged at a higher rate due to the fact that it costs salons more to keep their doors open.

First of all, you should know that your salon owner isn’t making any more money from this than they were before. In fact, they might be losing money.

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Most salons spend a certain amount per month on electricity and water (if they use their own) and heating the salon so that it doesn’t get too cold during the winter months.

It costs them more to keep their doors open now, but that doesn’t mean they can increase prices just yet—they still have to pay their employees and make sure they have enough customers coming in!

This means that while some stylists may see an increase in how much they charge for haircuts and other services, many salons are charging less than usual because it costs them less to keep their doors open.

Price Impact On Hair Salons

You may notice a change in your salon, as well. You will likely see customers coming in less often, cutting their hair shorter, and using fewer heat-styling tools.

Some people might even start dyeing their hair less frequently or choose to go grey instead of colouring it

Additionally, there will be more interest in natural products for styling and maintenance because they are more affordable than the high-end brands that stylists typically use.

If the trend continues, many people will likely choose to cut or dye their hair less often, which is one way for them to save money.

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Future of Hair Salons

Most hairdressers believe their clients will be happy to pay more to keep their hair healthy.

By informing your clients of your intentions to go green or implement renewable energy use in your salon, is a good way to keep your customers coming back and an opportunity to educate them on the importance of a healthy environment and healthy hair.

Hairdressers are feeling the pressure of rising energy prices, and with more expensive machinery and longer hours when they’re open, they need to find ways of managing costs while still staying competitive in the marketplace.


When you’re a small business owner, rising energy prices can affect your bottom line in a big way.

It is important to keep up with what’s happening in your community and worldwide so that you can make informed decisions about how new policies or regulations might affect your business.

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