Here Are Four Tasty Recipes that You Must Try

Eating vegan doesn't mean having to sacrifice delicious sandwiches
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Eating vegan doesn’t mean having to sacrifice delicious sandwiches! Did you think they don’t exist? Well, think again! It is possible to enjoy sandwiches that are completely vegan. Here are four tasty recipes that you must try.

The Classic Vegan BLT

If you’re craving a BLT but don’t eat meat, this recipe is for you! To recreate the classic sandwich, simply substitute tempeh bacon for the usual bacon slices. When cooked on a hot pan, the tempeh bacon will become wonderfully crispy, while still keeping its rich smoky flavor. Layer your tempeh bacon together with lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo for an unbeatable vegan experience.

Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Sandwich

This vegan sandwich is as delicious as it is colorful. Start off by toasting two slices of vegan-friendly bread. Spread a generous layer of hummus on each slice. Then, layer the sandwich with arugula, sliced olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt, and pepper to brighten up the flavors even further.

Curried Chickpea Sandwich

Not a big fan of deluxe Subway options? Chickpeas are a vegan’s best friend! This delicious sandwich is made with curried chickpeas, which lend it a fabulous flavor. Start by combining mashed chickpeas with curry powder, garlic, and cumin. Spread the mixture onto your vegan-friendly bread slices and top it with cucumbers and tomatoes for an easy-to-make yet satisfying sandwich.

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The Classic Peanut Butter and Jelly

What would sandwiches be without the classic PB&J? To make this recipe vegan-friendly, replace the regular peanut butter with a vegan version. Spread your peanut butter onto one slice of your vegan-friendly bread and top it with vegan jelly. Add another slice of bread on top, and you’ve got yourself a classic sandwich.

Vegan sandwiches can be just as delicious as their non-vegan counterparts. With these four recipes, you will never feel like you’re missing out on the traditional sandwich experience. The best part? They are also guilt-free! So, go ahead and enjoy these sandwiches as often as you like.

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