Maternity Pillow – Enjoy Pregnancy Without Stress and Pain!

Maternity Pillow - Enjoy Pregnancy Without Stress and Pain!
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No argument there – Pregnancy is always an exciting period in a mother’s life. The growing baby bumps and movements inside – gives you the unique opportunity to bond with that precious little sweet pea! You start picking lots of cute names, decorating the upcoming nursery stand and attending the baby shower is baffling and mind-blowing. OK, It’s time to do the reality check.

Let’s be frank – Pregnancy is a challenging period for every woman. It often can be an emotional roller coaster ride! Those nine-months demands focused-care, nourishment and diligence from you.

At the same time, you need more sound sleep and frequent rest than ever before! A Good Night Sleep always plays a crucial role to wade through all those prenatal symptoms and stress hormones all the way. On the other hand, tripling in size over a few months is overwhelming for sure! At this stage, you can’t afford any mishaps and uninterrupted sleep, could you? It’s also vital to keep both mother and child out of harm’s way.

Pregnancy Pillow Enters the Scene! – What is it? What’s the Benefit? Are you aware that you can circumvent all these worries by using a comfortable pregnancy pillow? These are not your ordinary sleeping pillow! It’s a pillow with a distinct shape to suit the needs of a pregnant mom. Yes, these pillows are suitable to use as they alleviate discomforts and help you get enough sleep without compromising the safety of your baby.

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It’ll protect the fetus from external bumps while you’re taking a nap or getting sleepy. Unlike other types of wedge pillows, you don’t have to do tweaks with full body pregnancy pillows.

The best part is – it doesn’t require constant repositioning while you are sleeping! With a full body pillow, you’are going to get full-body support throughout the night. When To Start Sleeping With A Maternity Pillow? Well, that depends – there is no hard and fast rule. As your abdomen starts to show up with the round shape – various complexity starts to crop up as well!

You start feeling the ligament pain along with other joint pains. So it’s safe to say – from around week 18 you should start getting the real benefits from a pregnancy pillow.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows:

1. Wedge Pillows for Pregnant Mother

It’s more of a cushion pillow. These are not going to provide you the full body support. But it can be handy during the pregnancy period! You can use these to support various local areas of your body. Pregnant women frequently slide it under the tummy, behind the back or under a regular sleeping pillow. The use cases are nifty and depend upon you! Various kinds of shapes are available in the market for this kind of cushion.

2. Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

It’s large and long in size and shape – great to hug and embrace! You can curl these in any way you want to suit your needs. You can feel the comfort by placing your arms and legs around it. Although, these pillows offer less support to your back area compared to other types of pregnancy pillows. Full-Length pillows come in two different variations: Straight Full Length and Flexible Full Length. The Straight Full Length resembles a regular side pillow but is much longer. On the other hand, the Flexible Full Length looks like a draft stopper. You can bend and conform it to your favourite shape at any time during the use.

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3. Full Bodied Pregnancy Pillow

These are ideal to use during the second trimester of your pregnancy. It’s long enough to tuck between your knees. As a result, you can prevent back and hip pain. These are usually five to six feet long. As you can see, no worries about the height – you can cuddle in it! It gives you excellent support to the spine and keeps your lumbar pain-free. It is available in two different varieties: C-shaped pillow and U-shaped Pillow. The C-shaped pillow looks like the letter “C.” It’s capable of supporting all the four areas of your body – the head, the abdomen, back, and legs. You can use the top area of the pillow as a headrest. Slide your back into the C curve, easing the pressure on the spine. And your leg goes between the base of that pillow.

On the other hand, the U-shape pillow is quite handy while you’re in a straddling position. It’s also an appropriate option for those who like to sleep on their back. These types of pillows offer full body support – from head to toe! It’s easy to use. Place your head at the center of “U” shape and then place your legs in a straddled position. But, Which is the Right One?

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Most Physicians recommend a combo of pregnancy pillows! The Full-Bodied Pillow is a must. Along with that, you could use either a wedge or a full-length pregnancy pillow. Depending on your condition and comfort level you might consider different types of wedges with various shapes.

Before you buy a pregnancy pillow – Consider These!:

  1. Try to choose a pregnancy pillow that comes with a removable and washable cover.

  2. The pillow fill has to be responsive and comfortable. You can consider Styrofoam ball, Micro-beads or Memory Foam Filling.

  3. You should avoid a pillow that produces noise during the use.

  4. The Maternity pillow should be hypoallergenic.

  5. Consider your overall body size and shape. Try to choose a pregnancy pillow that conforms with you! The Pregnancy pillows were once a luxury and fancy accessories for women. But, the time has changed – it has now become a sheer necessity for every pregnant woman. Our best wishes and prayer goes to this delightful journey of your motherhood!

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