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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk Download Free the Latest Version for Android

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK is a great augmented reality game. It is like Pokémon go but with different characters and content of the game itself. For example, the differences between Harry Potter Wizards and Pokémon go is that in Harry Potter you became wizards unlike in a Pokémon go you will be a Pokémon trainer. In this essay, I will present more info about Harry Potter wizards APK and how to download this great game on your Android phone.

About Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK

Of course, the idea of this game was inspired by the magic world of the Harry Potter movie series. The story starts when it has happened some problems that may damage the magic world. In addition, the movie presents some mysterious creatures, magical items, witches, wizards, and so on in the Muggle’s world. To enjoy playing this game you should work as a member of the magic force to save the Muggle’s world from the dangerous. Also, you need to solve all the problems that you faced to keep the magic world safe. So, you can enjoy playing this great game by downloading the APK file below. You just need to follow the instructions of installing process to get this amazing app in your Android phone easily.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK game content

In Harry Potter Wizards unite APK; you will enjoy your magic experience in the game. Also, this game rejoices the magic that surrounded the game weather. It is a very enjoyable game. So, this is the cause of its popularity. This is a fantasy game you should work with other wizards when you are playing the game and solve the problems that you faced. In addition, you should balance the magic world and save it from the dangerous.

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You feel like a real witch

When you are playing Harry Potter Wizards unite APK, you will feel like a real witch. As I mentioned above this game is like Pokémon Go, it puts its gamers in an amazing magic adventure. This game lets you live Rowling’s life by taking you to magic classes, magic wars, and so on. So, you will enjoy it when you are playing with the game characters and items and feel that you are in the real magic world. Moreover, you should collect the items in the game the same as when you are searching for the Pokémon’s by the map of the game. In level 6 you can choose one of three different jobs such as Magizoologist, Auror, and the Professor. Every job that you choose has its different skills that make the game more interesting to play.

Discover the world around you

By this great game, you will go out and discover the world around you, to search on the game items. In Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK, the players are starting to go out and move between the real locations. Then, they should search for magic traces and find items to make medicine and to do beneficial things for the magic world. The players in this game can also get the space gates to go to places people can’t see.

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So, the real magic battle in the game is collecting items. The players should fight Death Eaters and Azkaban, and also saving other characters’ live in the game. Also, you can meet with other players to fight Death Eaters in the castle. In the game battle, you should use different spells to fail the black magic, get them back to the magic world. So, the items that you collected may be helped you with using the spells.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK game design

The game designed to let the players feel that they are in a real magic world. When you play it, you will enjoy living in the witchcraft and the miracle world. As I mentioned above this game is related to the augmented reality games category. That means it has maps, characters, and so on. So, if you were to play Pokémon GO before, this game will be easy for you to play. The graphics of the game also is very good and gives you charming details.

Naturally, this game presents for its players the characters of the Harry Potter movie series with some videos for describing the game. The game sounds and videos make you feel like in the movie itself. The map in this game also makes you feel that you are in the magic world in your real world. So, it is automatically transforming you from your real area into a magic area in the game.

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Downloading Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK

Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK V.2.13

To get this amazing game and enjoy playing it on your Android phone you just need to follow the instructions of downloading and installing processes. So, you just need to press on the APK file above to download this great game. After pressing on the link above the file will be downloaded automatically. To enjoy playing this great game you should have an android version above 5.0. However, you should make sure from enabling Unknown sources. To enable it you just need to go to your mobile settings then open privacy and security after that enables the unknown sources. After completing these steps open the APK file that you are downloading and install it. Finally, you should press on (Done) to complete the installation process.

Now you succeed to install the game in your Android device. Open it and go to find items in your area but you should allow the location service to dealing with Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK game map. Go ahead and play it to discover the world around you.


To sum up, in this article I presented about Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK, this great game content, feeling like a real witch, exploring the world around you, the game design, and finally how to download this game in your Android phone. I hope this article was helped you to know more about this amazing game and downloading it.

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