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Mx Player Apk Download Free the Latest Version for Android

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Mx Player APK is a great media player app for Android devices. This amazing app lets its users can play every main video. So, this great app can play a huge number of videos on your Android phone, this is the main reason for its popularity. In addition, it is totally free app without any fees or costs. You can also download it easily from the APK file below. In this essay, I will tell you about MX Player APK, does it safely for your Android, the features of this amazing app, how to get it in your Android device.

About MX Player APK

The first version launched of MX Player APK was in 2016. It becomes very popular because it works on every movie streaming app. then the producer company’s recent a lot of updates to create a unique media player app. MX Player APK presents for its users a great watching experience for movies directly from the player screen itself with a very simple and charming user interface. To get this amazing media player in your Android phone you just need to follow the instructions below. The latest versions of the MX player app need higher Android versions to keep you enjoy watching in ultra-high quality. This app also supports a lot of languages such as English, Arabic Czech, Danish, and so on.

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Does MX Player APK safe for your Android device?

Of course, the MX Player app is totally safe for your devices. However, take care you should download this app from official sources. For example, you can download it safely from our website, or you can use the traditional way to download it from Google Play Store. If Google Play Store doesn’t work in your device, you can easily download it from the APK file below. However, you should change some settings on your Android phone when you install any APK file. You just need to use known websites and secure sources the same as our website.

The features of MX Player APK

MX Player is totally free

MX player app has two versions one of them is free and the other is a pro version. The free version of this app is totally free without any fees or costs. So, you can use it and enjoy watching content in ultra-high quality for free. It is unlike the Pro version but the pro version works without ads. I think no differences between free and pro versions. Moreover, the pro version works without ads and the free version works with ads. I recommend downloading the free version because the ads in the free version don’t annoying and it is also not a lot.

The controlling in the app

By this feature, you are able to change the app options manually without any efforts with the help of gesture controls in the app. You can click down on the right part of your phone screen to reset brightness. Also, you can click the left side to change the volume from up to down and so on.

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The Subtitles Control

By MX Player APK, you are able to edit subtitles as you need. Also, you are able to customize the subtitle size, color, font, and so on. By this feature, you can manage everything related to the video that you watch on. So, it is not a just media player app it supports a lot of features you can use when you watching something by the great player app.

Special User Interface

You can use MX player app in a very simple way. It has a very simple user interface not complex. When you open the app, you are able to reach everything that you want to watch easily. Also, you can create folders and categorize them, for reaching the type of video that you want to watch easily without any efforts.

The locking option

MX Player APK saves its users privacy. You can lock the folders by the password that you only know to save your privacy. This feature is useful for those who have children they can lock any content they don’t want their kids to watch it. MX player app lets you enjoy watching videos, by keeping your privacy safe.

Sharing its files easily

MX player app allows the feature of sharing its content. It is also faster of transferring its files without connection with the internet. By this feature, you can share any content that you have downloaded before such as songs, music, videos, files, and so on.

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Downloading MX Player APK

Download MX Player APK

To download MX Player in your Android phone and enjoy watching videos in high quality. Now you can download it from the APK file above. First of all, you should press on the link. Then it will be downloaded in your phone after pressing the link above automatically. When you are downloading the app go to your Android device settings. Then, you just need to open privacy and security. After that, press on Unknown Sources and allow it. Then, you should go to install the APK file that you are downloading. After you are completing the installation process press on (Done) at the end. Now, you successfully installed MX player on your Android device. Go to use it for watching your favorite videos by this amazing media player. However, don’t forget that the latest version of this app works on Android version 8.0 or above.


To sum up, this essay includes background info about MX Player APK, does it safely for your Android, the features of this great app, how to download it in your Android phone. I hope this article was helped you to get an MX player app on your Android phone. As I mentioned above, it is not just a media player app it has a lot of features to use unlike any other app else. Go ahead and download it from the APK link above. Now, you are able to watch videos and listen to music by this great app.

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