Five Easy Ways to Keep Pests out Of Your Office

Five Easy Ways to Keep Pests out Of Your Office
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In addition to being a nuisance, pests in the office can damage electrical equipment and cause health problems. Check out these five easy ways to keep your work environment pest-free.

No one wants to see pests of any kind in their office. However, they can infiltrate any environment, no matter how clean could be. Once these insects or rodents have taken up your residence, break room, kitchen, or office lunchrooms, it can be hard to eliminate them, and dealing with them can be yet another distraction that interferes with your workday. Plus, it can make your employees feel that, as a business owner, you’re not taking proper care of the workplace.

Fortunately, keeping these pests at bay doesn’t require hard work. Here are some of the easiest ways to keep pests out of your office.

How do you keep pests out of your workplace?

An ever-clean office is unlikely to have pests such as insects or rodents. Your workplace may have a lot of traffic during the day, so it should receive just as much attention to keep it clean. Whether you have a contract staff that cleans your office once a day or during the week, the people who use the break room, kitchen, and lunch spaces in your office should also take a moment to clean up after e use.

  1. Crumbs: Cleaning up crumbs after preparing a snack or meal is crucial to keeping pests out of your office. Food scraps on tables or desks become attractive to ants and cockroaches, so clean them up immediately. Providing clean wipes or cleaning rags for staff will encourage crumb cleanup.
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2. Spills: Like crumbs, spills provide an appetizing odor and will attract pests such as insects or rodents. Be sure to clean up spills and moisture promptly to avoid the appearance of nasty critters.

3. Clutter: Insects and other pests can hide under dirt and clutter in your office. While the kitchen is an obvious breeding ground for pests, they can also take up residence in storage rooms, closets, bathrooms, and any other space where they feel safe. Try to pick up and organize clutter. Old boxes or food should be disposed of regularly to prevent these areas from becoming unsightly and attractive to pests.

4. Food: If your office has a lunchroom or kitchen, ensure all food is in sealed containers, preferably in a refrigerator. If left out, food can become a feast for pests.

Discard any food older than two weeks or past its expiration date to prevent your office from generating unpleasant odors.

5. Trash: Trash cans should be emptied daily at the end of each workday. It is critical if the container contains food waste. The trash in the kitchen and office break room should not be allowed to accumulate and start smelling bad. Stinky garbage cans are a perfect place for pests to reside. Eliminating these is one of the easiest ways to help keep pests away.

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A pest-free office

Maintaining a clean office improves the satisfaction of your employees and customers, reducing the possibility of pests entering. Pests won’t be attracted to these areas when they don’t have anything to eat or dirty places to hide. It’s vital to have a sanitized office for this to work. It requires the participation of all employees, not just the cleaning crew. Another good company policy is to do a 30-minute cleaning (we invite you to see our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services) on Fridays before employees leave for the weekend. It will prevent pests from moving in during those days and discovering a warm home with food and shelter.

If you still have lingering pest problems, the easiest way to keep your office clean regularly is to hire a commercial cleaning company like Service Providers Association. We offer disinfection and pest control services that provide unsurpassed results. Our professional cleaning services will help protect your company’s reputation and make your employees and clients feel at ease in your office. Contact us online or call us at 515-619-6430 for more information about our services.

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