Explore Fabrics Of Co-ord Sets To Be Considered For Evening Outings

Explore Fabrics Of Co-ord Sets To Be Considered For Evening Outings
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Co-ord sets are a no-brainer option for getting dressed quickly and efficiently. They require minimal styling as the matching tops and bottoms take all the focus. You can choose from a variety of top and bottom options, which includes warm sweaters and thick fabrics that will help you stay warm in the winter as well as lightweight and breezy options for the summer. 3 or 4 piece co-ord sets also come with jackets and shrugs to help you stay warm as temperatures drop. This makes co-ord sets perfect for evening outings, as you can pick according to the weather, occasion, and plan for events that start during the day and go on till the late hours.

Moreover, co-ord sets are available in a variety of print and embellishment options that are perfect for special occasions and parties. If you are considering wearing a co-ord set for an evening event, this article will convince you to take the plunge. Keep reading as we list the ideal fabrics, embellishment, and prints you can pick from to find the best co-ord set for evening wear.

Fabrics For Evening Outings:

1. Cotton: From pullovers and tracks to sweatshirt and joggers, cotton co-ord sets are comfortable and ideal for all seasons. The easy-going co-ords will become your go-to choice for casual dinners and outings with friends.

2. Satin: The natural sheen of satin stands out under the lights at night and adds an elevated look to the outfit. The fabric is snug against the body to flatter your curves and elegantly flows with your movements, making it ideal for date night.

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3. Knitted: Feel like you are wrapped in a blanket all day in the winter with knitted co-ord sets that are available in many pastel and vibrant colors to match your mood.

4. Silk: Traditional silhouettes and silk fabrics are the ultimate combination for wedding outfits and co-ord sets are no exception. Wear the regal co-ords for a royal and classic look, especially when combined with metallic threading or beading work.

5. Linen: Sheer linen fabrics are lightweight and breathable to help you feel cool on warm days. This summer, opt for linen shirts and trousers for formal events or tops and shorts for walks at night.

6. Chiffon: The soft and shiny chiffon is a go-to for sarees and brings the same effortless and elegant look to co-ord sets. From ethnic outfits to fusion ensembles, the sheer chiffon should be your top choice to look graceful at cocktail parties.

7. Georgette: Look no further than co-ord sets made with georgette fabrics for pre-wedding ceremonies. The fabric has the similar lightweight feel as chiffon, but offers more coverage for modest dressing. The matte fabric also allows the embellishments to pop.

8. Velvet: The charm of velvet fabrics in jewel tones is unmatched for evening looks as it is reminiscent of the historical royal portraits. Opt for velvet co-ord sets for regal look for destination palace weddings.

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9. Wool: poplin – fine wool

10. Denim: Ending the denim-on-denim debate once and for all, denim co-ord sets are here to help you look fashionable and edgy. It’s not just about jean pants and jackets, you can also pick from co-ords with denim joggers, blouses, skirts, corsets, and vests.

11. Sequin: Go all-out with sequined fabrics that are loved by women across the world to shine on the dance floor. Large chunky glitters will add volume, while tiny sequins will add a slimming effect.

12. Leather: Get the biker-chic vibes with leather co-ords for all your rooftop clubbing and winter party needs. Leather co-ords are also available in different finishes such as matte, shiny, and metallic.

Embellishments & Prints:

The popular fabrics mentioned above are also available in a variety or embellishments and prints that you can buy for different occasions. Whether you want to play with color schemes or add a glamorous touch of bling, here are some trendy options for evening looks.

1. Printed: While funky graphics help reflect your personal style, trendy floral prints will add an elegant touch to your look. Geometric shapes such as stripes and polka dots are also popular print options for a fun outfit for casual events.

2. Ruffle: The ruffled silhouette will help you add volume to your look while looking graceful with a whimsical touch. You can opt for ruffled sleeves, hemlines, or even ruffled accessories such as jackets and dupattas.

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3. Tie & Dye: While the vibrant tie & dye patterns are usually reserved for day time looks, you can pick from darker blue, red, pink, and gray tones for an easy-going and stylish evening look.

4. Embroidered: Zari and aari style embroidery add a traditional touch to co-ord sets that can be further elevated with kundan or temple jewelry for ethnic looks. You can also choose embroidered tassels or pom poms for added color.

5. Fringe: Groove with confidence on the dance floor while wearing co-ord sets with fringe details, which will highlight your moves. From matching fringe on the sleeves to metallic trims, make your choice depending on how dramatic you want the outfit to look.

6. Fur And Feather Details: Soft fur and feather on the sleeves or hemline of skirts add a romantic feel that is perfect for date nights.


The perfect co-ord sets online for evening looks will be a combination of the right fabrics, prints, and embellishments. You can pick fabrics based on the weather, or find appropriate options as per the dress code of the event. While cotton, georgette, and wool are ideal for formal events; fabrics such as satin, chiffon, velvet, and silk are suitable for festive occasions. The embellishment and print options are also endless, and you can truly find the right match by picking the style that suits your vibe the best. Whether you’re buying a skirt set or a palazzo co-ord, you will surely look and feel great.

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