Factors to Consider in Selecting the Best UGC Moderation Firm

Best UGC Moderation Firm
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User-generated content (UGC) may have a lasting positive or negative effect on your business. Therefore, a professional UGC firm plays a pivotal role in either building or damaging your business. The firm will automatically filter and moderate profanity from a myriad of online content. Below are some of the considerations for selecting an expert UGC firm for your business.

1. A Proven Track Record

It is relatively risky to work with a startup company in UGC due to a lack of perfection. A proven track record offers some sense of confidence and comfort with the results.

2. Specialized firm

Specialization brings about expertise, as all the firm’s energy is focused on the task. This leads to exemplary results due to repetition.

3. Mental Health of Moderators

UGC moderators frequently interact with sensitive information. Therefore, the UGC firm you select ought to have a mental health policy and procedure to cater to the moderator’s health.

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4. Test and Tour the Firm’s Operations

Visiting and reviewing the firm’s moderators and systems gives a broader perspective of the operations than selecting a firm blindly.

5. Moderation Speed

The speed of the firm’s moderation determines the UGC curve. The speed plays a significant role in the usefulness of UGC at a specific moment in time.

6. Combined AI and Human Touch

AI can handle large volumes of applications, but the human touch performs better at reviewing context and procedures. A combined effort has perfect results.

7. Quality Assurance Team

Errors and flows in UGC are inevitable despite AI and human touch. Selection should be bias on firms with extensive checks and balances to avoid and correct the eminent errors.

8. The Firm’s Adaptability

Get to understand how the UGC moderators are flexible to adapt to your changing needs and priorities. They ought to have payment options that suit your changing needs.

9.Outsourcing Risk

Firms that outsource moderators lack control over their quality and decision-making process. This creates a risky situation where the prescribed goals may not be achieved.

10. Physical Presence

Registered offices ensure the supervision of moderation from abuse. Remote moderators have the luxury of unsupervised content at their disposal.

11. Legal Compliance

Companies dealing with User information are governed under the General Data Protection Regulation. Insist on getting a copy of their Data Processing Agreement.

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12. Information Security

Considering your users’ trust, request to be issued with their Information sharing policy and Disaster management procedures for verification.

13. The Contingency Plan

Unplanned internal and external factors such as Internet and power failures, employee strikes, or system errors may occur. Insist on having access to review their backup plan.

14. A Reliable Company

The sensitivity of UGC requires a firm that is readily available to support when both positive and negative content blows out on the internet


Before selecting a UGC partner for your company, consider reviewing their level of expertise, skill level, moderation quality, and availability of client support. Otherwise, its credibility may be questioned.

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