7 Must-answer Questions if being popular as Wine Connoisseur is Your Goal!

7 Must-answer Questions if being popular as Wine Connoisseur is Your Goal!
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Any sophisticated event or party celebration is incomplete without a bottle of preferred wine. The trend has gained momentum by an increase in the professional and formal events as well casual celebrations among friends and family. Among all these activities, can you afford to not know about the very famous drink served to you on every second occasion?

7 Must-answer Questions if being popular as Wine Connoisseur is Your Goal!

Let this be the pitch to be comfortable with and even revel in the information about wines and wine drinking. By the time you reach the following point of this post, you would be well on your way to be a Wine Connoisseur!

Some Important Aspects of Wine are as follows:-

How to come down to your most favourite wine?

There are hundreds of wine type to get acquainted with and nearly as many brands if you look globally. Its might really be like making a Guinness World Record to know each and every one of them, and theoretically impossible. Still, knowing about the 18 types of grapes that are used to make all varieties of wines (from transparent Whites to absolute Reds!) can give you a great head start in the career you have chosen for yourself.

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Do you know the historical origins?

Wines are known to belong to Italy, France and Spain originally. These countries are credited with adding finesse to the art of brewing some of the finest wines in the world. No wonder, some of the world’s most popular brands, types and brews come from these 3 countries; probably the majority of production happens here.

What wine tastes have you come across and if there are more?

If you have gotten your hands on several varieties of wines, you must know that their tastes vary all the way from being slightly sweet to somewhat bitter. In between, you can place warm from having slightly higher alcohol content to being tart which is actually acidity. So have a lot to learn, err, taste when it comes to wine tasting. Marking your favourites would come much later, that too only when you have started figuring out the tastes in wine, which some time seem to hit you all at ones in every single wine.

Have you explored the flavors accompanying the wine tastes?

Learning the answers to the above questions would give you a good start but that would only be a beginning. Hundreds of flavors have been brewed, tasted and appreciated and their combinations could lead to innumerable more numbers. You wouldn’t want to feel turned down by the sheer enormity of the class. So we suggest you to refer to this infographics to begin somewhere and then pave your own journey.

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Wine and wine glasses: is there a real connection?

Well, ask any casual wine drinker, excited wine enthusiast or a grounded sommelier. They would readily tell you about tasting every wine in its dedicated glass to enjoy the aspects wine is meant to be appreciated for. Wine glasses come in a huge variety, brand, color, shape, and sizes. Some are classical, while others are purely unconventional and meant to challenge the status quo sometimes. However, the technical aspects like having (long or short) stem, (small or large) bowl and some other aspects van seriously affect the way a wine tastes in the mouth.

Vintage variation: what the heck is it?

Generally, most of the wines are meant to be drunk in the year of its manufacture. When you leave your wine to get older a little more, it might taste better or you might just have thrown away your money to buy these. The process is termed Vintage Variation, which essentially means the difference in taste of the wine from one year to the other. Several reasons can affect that: season, reason, grape variety, etc. The more variable the climate is, the severe would be the Vintage Variation.

How social are you or can become: learning about wine etiquettes?

Since rarely people choose a dark or dim-lit corner to sip their wine, you would be on better footing to learn about the basics of drinking the wine socially without getting embarrassed. Some of the key points to do that are to:

  • Making sure your champagne cork doesn’t fly away in unwanted directions.
  • Swirling the wine in the way it’s meant to be
  • Ordering wine at a bar like a pro or at least like someone who knows what goes in his wine glass
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Who knew even how you clink your wine glass is getting noticed!

So you see, drinking wine is not merely a task of pleasure. A whole new adventure is awaiting your initiation into it, if you haven’t already, that is. There are great tastes, flavors, brands, companions, moods, social circles and glasses are to be experimented and experienced. You cannot live in isolation and have a well-living adventure with wines. You are bound to have fun on this ride.

Find answers to the above questions through your very own experiences and find expression in becoming and being a wine expert. The journey begins here!

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