What To Get Your Husband For Your 4th Wedding Anniversary

What To Get Your Husband For Your 4th Wedding Anniversary
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Wedding anniversaries create memories that showcase your care for your man in many special ways. If you’re standing at the threshold of your fourth year together in marriage, then you’ve achieved a remarkable milestone which needs to be celebrated in more ways than one! We have some fantastic yet useful gifting ideas and gifts you can give your husband on your fourth wedding anniversary.

What To Get Your Husband For Your 4th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional 4th year wedding anniversary gifts for him

The traditional fourth year wedding anniversary gifts between couples is fruits and flowers in the US and linen across Europe. Making your anniversary memorable by choosing gifts based on tradition shows how much you value the traditional concept of marriage.

Here are our picks for the top fruit and floral-based gifts for the man of your life:

  • A Bouquet of Flowers – or Edible Flowers

Gifting flowers is more of a chivalrous idea for men. However, women can get creative when giving these female-oriented flower bouquets to their partners. They can make bouquets themselves from dry or fresh flowers, or even better from dry or fresh fruits. That kind of bouquets men will prefer to receive rather than flowers.

  • Floral and Fruity Home Accessories
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Another splendid fourth wedding anniversary gift you can consider for your husband is accessories for the home. By this, we mean many types of gifts such as:

Real plants – Orchids, flowering plants, trees like bonsai, Chinese bamboo or even starter seed kits

Books on flowers – If he’s into gardening, photography, nature and the great outdoors

Kitchen items – Floral or fruity teas, pineapple themed shot glasses, floral napkins, trendy fruit baskets

Home décor – Ceramic or artificial fruit showpieces, floral paperweights and paintings

Scented candles – In the scents of flowers and fruits

  • Exploring flower and fruit together

You can also gift your husband an experience involving flowers and fruits. This can give you both a chance to do something together. By this, we mean:

  • Touring a vineyard and engaging in some wine-tasting (as wines are made from grapes, a delicious fruit!)
  • Checking out a flower festival (an awesome option if your anniversary falls in spring or summer!)
  • Visiting a botanical garden, nursery, farm or fruit orchard
  • Attending gardening or flower photography classes

Did you know that hydrangeas are the official flower for the fourth year of marriage? These pretty blooms bring a great bout of happiness with their presence in any room. Hydrangeas signify gratitude and appreciation, two very important pillars that hold up a marriage.

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You can find more outstanding 4th anniversary gifts for husband, wife and couples on website GiftlLightBulbs.com that has some cool ideas. A mix of traditional and modern gifts for a four-year wedding anniversary can certainly make it much easier for you to find the right gift for beloved.

Linen wedding anniversary gifts for him

In the UK and most of Europe, couples exchange linen gifts on their fourth wedding anniversary. A few linen gifts you can give your husband are:

  • Clothing – stylish linen jackets or pants, casual shirts, linen robes
  • Accessories – lightweight caps, bags and wallets
  • Bedding – linen sheets, pillow covers with thoughtful writing or prints, cushions, throws
  • Home items – Notebooks with linen covers, curtains, napkins or aprons

Modern fourth year wedding anniversary gifts

For those who prefer gifting according to modern tradition, there’s a host of items you can choose from to impress your partner as the ideal gift is an appliance. Appliances are sensible yet aesthetic gifts that can save time and money for your spouse. They are also affordable and have greater lifespans than traditional gifts.

When gifting appliances, think of his needs in a practical way. Does he really need this? Is he content with being minimalist and finding ways of not owning more stuff? Will I or he be using the appliance more? Will he be able to return it for another size or color? Are there good offers available for this product? Is there a similar product in the house that does nearly the same function? Start thinking of gifts after answering these questions.


And if you’re still unsure of what to give him, take a look at these compact yet giftable appliances:

  • Toasters – For those easy-fix breakfasts on hectic mornings
  • Coffee maker – So that coffee is ready for him right when he wakes up
  • Blenders – For the power-packed smoothie on the go!
  • Food processors – To save time cutting and chopping a hundred things for dinner
  • Portable coolers – For wine, beer, meat … and everything else!
  • Instant pots – For one-pot meals that cook while your husband is sleeping or at work

With so many cool gift ideas to choose from, surprising your man with the awesome gift will be a very simple!

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