6 Mistakes with Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties and How to Avoid Them

6 Mistakes with Planning Kids' Birthday Parties and How to Avoid Them
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The average cost of a children’s party is around $500, which shows how much time and care goes into each celebration.

Because of this, we must avoid making common mistakes when planning birthdays to prevent hiccups and keep our little ones happy. But, like with arranging any event, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overlook silly errors.

If you’re new at planning kids’ birthday parties, we’ve got you. Here are six mistakes to avoid.

1. Overlooking Your Budget

A common error is overlooking your kid’s birthday party budget. Although every child deserves a blow-out, it’s not always realistic and the party shouldn’t put you in any financial distress. Instead, outline a budget and find ways to slash costs.

For instance, instead of hiring an expensive caterer, prepare a finger food buffet so that the kids can graze whenever they please.

2. Not Making Reservations 

Your little one has fallen in love with escape rooms and wants to book one for their party. If so, don’t choose a last-minute birthday party location because it could be full. A good rule of thumb is to book venues at least three months in advance to avoid disappointment.

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3. Overscheduling 

It’s easy to brainstorm birthday party activities only to find there isn’t enough time. The problem is that overscheduling will overwhelm the kids and parents, which won’t set a good tone for your child’s party. Remember, little ones have shorter attention spans and will be happy with two or three activities maximum during the day.

4. Forgetting About Dietary Restrictions 

Before filling your pantry with party food and drinks, find out whether any guests have dietary restrictions. This can range from peanut allergies to following a plant-based diet. Then, when you have the feedback, you can provide a menu that everyone will love.

5. Sending Out Invitations Last-Minute

Ask your kid to prepare their party guest list a month in advance. Being organized will prevent your little one from forgetting classmates or inviting the wrong people. It’ll also give guests time to RSVP to the birthday party so that your kid doesn’t get disappointed if their best buddy can’t come.

6. Lack of Clear Directions 

Regardless of where you’re hosting the celebration, make sure the invitations include clear directions. This step is crucial if several kids haven’t visited your home or the venue is elsewhere.

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As you design the invitations, include a time when the parents or siblings should collect the kids and your contact details in case there are any queries.

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties

Now that you’re an expert at planning kids’ birthday parties, it’s time to crack on.

Start by deciding which activities to include and book venues in advance. Parents should also help their kids send out invitations in a timely fashion, complete with directions. Good luck with the party planning!

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