5 Ways Travel Can Cure Study Burnout

5 Ways Travel Can Cure Study Burnout
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Study burnout is exactly what it sounds like. Just like a car heats up into smoke during burnout, a student’s brain has a similar reaction from working too hard.

While symptoms of burnout vary from person to person, the most common ones are frustration, irritability, fatigue, laziness, and even insomnia.

All of these symptoms usually lead to an inability to keep up with assignment deadlines, project commitments, and class schedules. Many students burn out too quickly and even drop out of school because of how difficult it can be to keep going while dealing with burnout.

While academic burnout may be inevitable to some extent, there are some things you can do to remedy it. The best way is to take a vacation and travel somewhere relaxing.

Here are 5 ways travel may cure academic burnout:

1. Stress Relief

The most obvious reason that many people take a vacation is to relieve stress and forget about all stressors that are part of their daily lives. Whether it is a college paper, a work project, or even a family issue, vacations can truly give your brain a chance to slow down.

Traveling might be exactly what you need to do to escape the effects of burnout and the stressors that cause it.

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2. Avoid Depression

The risk of developing depression is very real when dealing with academic burnout. This depression can also present itself with anxiety thus, wrecking a student’s mental health.

Traveling, however, can provide the break that a student might need to recover and return to their old self.

This travel does not even have to be a long vacation, but can even be just a road trip to the nearest beach on a weekend.

3. Anticipation Bliss

Some people do not realize that they experience something called anticipation bliss right when they book their tickets or make a plan. This phenomenon is the feeling of happiness you experience when you are looking forward to going on a trip.

Just the act of booking a hotel or starting an itinerary can help you combat burnout as your brain already starts anticipating the bliss you will experience when on vacation.

This can easily give you a couple more weeks of being able to get through whatever you are dealing with that is causing burnout.

Moreover, you should try to prolong this feeling for as long as you can so if you need to, just hire paper writers to do your assignments until you are ready to get back to reality.

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Another way to prolong this feeling is to start packing and thinking about what you are going to do on your vacation.

4. Memorable Experiences

While you may think that you will experience some post-vacation blues, travel memories will be there to save you once again. When you go to a new destination, make sure to prioritize experiences.

Do things that you never thought you would whether it is skydiving, rock climbing, underwater diving or even ziplining. These experiences will be the ones you remember, the ones that made you hear your heartbeat the clearest.

Similarly, take as many pictures and videos as you can. These memories will stick with you forever and those videos will remind you of a time when you truly felt alive.

5. Newfound Inspiration

Finally, travel has a high chance of reigniting passions and even providing inspiration to continue doing what you started in the first place.

Your newfound inspiration and motivation will help you overcome the academic burnout you were once experiencing.


If you needed any reasons to take a vacation, we are here to report that travel can help you cure your academic burnout.

So, go forth and explore!

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