5 Tips for Choosing the Best BBCOR Bats

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Replacing the old BESR standard in baseball is something like a light shedding for thousands of baseball players. The arrival of the new BBCOR standard for adult baseball bats has helped various players to give their best on the play. Players are looking for every advantage they can get in every piece of equipment they use to help them perform better at the plate.

The new BBCOR baseball bats are designed to act more than a wood bat. Wood bats become less responsive when the ball hits the barrel; this is the reason why everyone should look for a bat that could help make an ultimate performance. It is also important to find a bat that is right for your style to reach the complete victory of the game.

When it comes to finding the best BBCOR bats, there are some certain things to know before deciding to buy anything. It is also essential to make sure your bat has the latest BBCOR stamp on it. This is greatly useful especially if you are playing a league that needs the BBCOR certification. BBCOR is also the standard requirement for high school and college baseball play. Thus, if you choose to live with BBCOR bats, you’re on the right hand!

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Things to Consider

1. Design

In choosing the best bat, make sure you get the right features and technologies that fit you. Every player has a specific batting style, knowing what yours is a big thing for perfect BBCOR bat choice. It is better to opt for baseball bats with a large sweet spot. This is great if you are a power hitter. You may also opt for a bat designed to deliver fast swing speeds with bat control so you could use the gear in a very comfy way.

Most bats with high length-to-weight ratios are light and they are easy to use for swinging. Those low length-to-weight ratios are often heavier making it hard for you to produce more power.

2. Construction

How the bats are made should also be considered. The BBCOR one-piece bats are made of composite or metal materials making them a solid piece from the barrel to the handle. Bats with this construction are great for adult players who always want a hard play. The BBCOR two-piece bats, on the other hand, have separate barrels and handles. They usually have different materials and are made with a composite handle and a metal or composite barrel. Bats like this are known to be more convenient for the other types.

3. Balance, Grip and Swinging Speed

Having a well-balanced weight is needed to enhance the performance of the player. If the proper balance is not achieved, a player may have trouble handling the bat affecting the performance. The grip should also be solid and comfortable. You may opt for micro-perforated grip which is among the technologies included on BBCOR bats to give players better handling. A grip like this is easy to handle as well as use on the game.

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One other thing that needs your consideration is the swinging speed as this will help players swing the bat easily and quickly. So choose a bat that is easy and fast to swing for better gameplay.

4. Bat Feels

Most players want to know how the bat feels before taking one for the game. This is because when you hit a ball with a baseball bat, you feel it in your hands. If you have bats that tremble really bad, you won’t feel any good and that will give uncomfortable feel throughout the play. The BBCOR bats are gentle on the hands. This is because of the seam lying between the two pieces which lessen the strike against the ball.

Those post-swing vibrations that the players feel are dampened on a two-piece bat making them gentle on the hands.

5. To Flex or not to Flex

Deciding whether to flex or not is another big thing to achieve the perfect play. The biggest dissimilarities between the two BBCOR bats is that the flexing of the barrel. A one-piece bat is stiff and the one with two-piece have more flex. The two-piece barrel typically has more tramp lining so the balls can have more pop when it comes to hitting the ball out. Some players do not like the flex because they see it affects the follow-through at the end of the swing.

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On the other hand, some players do not also like the stiffness of the one-piece bat because balls with it can’t go as far as the player wants to.

Choosing the Right Bat

In choosing the right BBCOR bats, safety and comfort are of top importance. The need to select the best BBCOR bats is also a great way to enhance the performance of the player. What BBCOR bat to use depends on your own preferences. Bats usually come in just one-piece and two-piece construction. Both do have pros and cons. Experts suggest that the choice should come down to whether you are a power hitter or simply contract hitter.

The choice should also depend on how you intend to use the bat. If you frequently do the play, choose the one that feels the best in your hands. It is important to take in all of the mentioned tips and features before purchasing. Obviously, there might be some things missing. For more information, click here: Baseballthing.com.

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