When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?
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It is unfortunate that most people don’t think twice about the roof they live under until, of course, it springs a leak. When your roof starts leaking we often tell clients that they waited too long to take notice of what might have otherwise been a minor situation. Almost every professional roofer, like Mill Creek Roofing, a trusted Cypress roofing company, will advise that people get their roof replaced if it springs a leak. However, that’s not the only sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

Many homeowners are unaware of the risks of not replacing an older roof, so in this article, we’ll discuss what to look for when determining if the roof needs to be replaced.

Start Your Inspection Inside

You notice that many professional roofers may enter your home to examine the roof, and that’s because they want to get into the attic. The good news is that all you need is a flashlight to take a look at the beams of light that shine through the roof. If you see streaks, strains or significant gaps through which the light shines you have a leaky roof. If there are any leaks, it is best to get the roof replaced. A leaky roof can cause a multitude of problems for you down the road, so it’s best to not leave it for any length of time.

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How Old is the Roof?

Mill Creek Roofing, a trusted Cypress TX roofing company, recommends that homeowners keep a record of their home’s maintenance. If you have kept a record, go back to check how long ago the roof was installed. An asphalt shingle roof generally lasts around 25 years, while one that’s installed over an existing layer can be replaced after around 20 years. So, if the roof is old you should replace it. This is one area that many homeowners neglect to act on. They don’t replace the roof in time before major repairs are needed. It’s best to be proactive about replacing your roof, and if you’re not sure, just call a trusted professional to come out and give you an analysis of your current roof. Honest roofers will give you a recommendation for whether your current roof only needs minor repairs vs. an older roof that needs to be replaced. Many roofers will do an analysis for free, so this is something that is recommended for every homeowner with a roof that is at least 15 years old or more.

Examine the Shingles

You will always want to keep a close eye on the rooftop to ensure that it is in good shape, especially after something like a massive storm. Ideally, all shingles should be flat on the roof, but if you find patches of damaged, cracked, or uprooted shingles, then they will have to be repaired. Also, check the downspouts and gutters for any shingle granules. If you see that the roof is losing a lot of granules, it’s a sign that the roof is near its end of life. Almost all professional roofers will recommend a roof replacement in this situation. Examining the shingles is something that can be done relatively easily and it’s visible with the naked eye. However, for homeowners that don’t want to make this decision themselves, it’s strongly recommended to call a trusted roofing professional to come out and do a professional analysis of the roof and its shingles.

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Check the Flashings

Any professional roofing company, when called to examine the roof for damage, will check the flashings around the chimneys, skylights, and vents. Ideally, these points shouldn’t have breaks or cracks which will then lead to leaks. In many homes, the flashings consist of tar or roof cement, but you’ll want to upgrade to metal for more durability. If 80% of the flashings are damaged, then you have a major problem on your hands which would merit a roof replacement. Again, this may be something that requires a professional to diagnose, so it’s recommended to call a professional roofer in this instance and ask them to come out and check the flashings as part of their analysis.

Fix Rot

A sagging or droopy roof has to be replaced before it causes any further damage to the home. You will want to check for trapped moisture, sagging spots, and rotting boards across the lowest points. If you spot any of these, then you need to get the roof replaced. Rot can be one of the most visible signs of a damaged roof that needs replacing. If your roof has rotted, it’s strongly recommended that you get this addressed by a professional as soon as possible.


Getting a roof replaced can be an expensive job, but it’s an important investment for any homeowner. Professional roofers such as Mill Creek Roofing, the trusted choice for all Cypress roofing needs, can take you through the process every step of the way. They can professionally diagnose your current roof, offer recommendations for either repair or replacement, and even help you file a claim with your insurance company. Their trusted team of professionals will be more than happy to replace your roof and provide you with a quote before commencing the replacement work.

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