Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Red Ring, Free Shopping)

Sonic Dash MOD APK v5.8.0 (Unlimited Red Ring, Free Shopping)

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Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Red Rings) is a very interesting and fun running game. Play as the Hedgehog Sonic who is being chased by the hordes of Dr. Eggman in an exciting and challenging adventure. Of course, endless running games are one of the most enjoyable games preferred by millions around the world, such as Subway, Temple Run, and other games. In Sonic Mod Apk you will live a new skill and you will collect more rewards.

Plus, avoid obstacles and explore more difficult levels. Along with Sonic MOD APK All Characters Unlocked, and enjoy more friends within the game. Also, get unlimited coins and use free shopping to get any item and other features that you will see below. You will find the steps to get Sonic Mod Apk unlimited diamonds for Android. Plus the steps to get Sonic Dash MOD APK iOS and other details about the game.

Sonic Dash Cheat

Interduce Sonic Dash MOD APK

Sonic Dash MOD APK (All Characters Unlocked) is a very interesting and fun arcade game that will take you on a new adventure of running games. In the first part of the game, the story revolves around an exciting plot carried out by Dr. Eggman and his Zazz assistant to destroy the world in which Sonic lives. Destructive weapons will be created and bad guys will be spread all over the place, but fortunately, Sonic will know this plot early and that’s where the mission will begin.

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Once you start playing, Sonic the Hedgehog will start running on different tracks and lanes. He will also find many obstacles and traps on the way, but this is usually easy in the first game levels. In Sonic Dash Hack, you will live an interesting adventure, and you will face many challenges. Also, you can collect more rings, gold, and other rewards at each level. Moreover, play Sonic Dash Mod Apk Mod Menu and you will find more options and new updates in the game.

As Sonic Dash Mod Apk is characterized by great graphics and color consistency, the game also contains beautiful effects that will attract you to play. Sonic runs automatically so you have to move your fingers left or right, jump or roll. Besides, engage in epic battles with bosses and beat them. Moreover, share the game with friends and enable more different game modes.

Not only that, get Sonic Dash Mod Apk free shopping to get any item from the game store easily. As well as use the system of upgrades and customize many aspects of the game. Plus, collect red stars after every 50 gold rings and defeat 15 different enemies. However, Sonic Dash Mod Apk unlimited red rings are compatible with Android and iOS and are available for free.

Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Red Ring, Free Shopping)

Sonic Dash MOD APK Features

  • Run To Collect Rewards: Sonic Dash Mod Apk is one of the best endless runner games. Where you can run on different tracks and collect new rewards and prizes.
  • Avoid Obstacles: There are a lot of traps, obstacles, and other obstacles on your way while running. So you can avoid obstacles and feel excited during each mission.
  • Defeat the Hordes of Eggman: A plot to destroy your world has been plotted. So, face the bad guys and immerse yourself in new events at each level as you play.
  • Multiple Characters: There are a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog’s friends that will join you in playing. Plus, unlock all characters in the Mod version easily.
  • Multiple Modes: Also, share more players in the multiplayer mode. Besides, enable more other default game modes.
  • Graphics /Sound: One of the best features of Sonic Dash. The game has high-quality graphics and amazing sound effects with attractive and addictive gameplay.
  • Unlimited Diamonds: When the adventure begins in the enhanced version of the game. Then you can get unlimited diamonds and more coins and new prizes.
  • Unlimited Red Rings: Get unlimited red rings easily. Without having to wait to beat your opponents to get more. Just like Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom MOD APK.
  • Free Shopping: In-game purchases are enabled for you to enjoy the best experience. Where you can get all the items and any evil you want from the game store.
  • MOD Menu: Play Sonic Dash Mod Menu to use more new options in the main game menus. Where you can enjoy new additions and great improvements.
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Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Free Shopping)

Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Red Ring, Free Shopping)

Download Sonic Dash Mod Apk for Android

Sonic Dash MOD v5.8.0 Download


Download Sonic Dash MOD APK latest version by clicking on the download link above. Once you click on the button you will be taken to the direct download page. Click to download the game and after a minute the download will be completed. Now you can open “File Manager” and start installing the game’s “APK” file. After that, you can follow the usual installation instructions and open the game after completing the steps and then start playing easily.

Download Sonic Dash MOD APK iOS

Sonic Dash iOS Download


First, you can download Sonic Dash iOS by clicking on the download button available at the top. After a few seconds, the file download will be completed. Now you can open the downloads or go to the location of the game file on your iPhone. You can install the game like any other application. After that, open the game and enjoy the features of the official game only for iOS.

Final Words

Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Unlocked All) is a great and very entertaining arcade and endless runner game. It is considered the first part of the wonderful series with an interesting plot, awesome gameplay, and many new events and missions. You will join your friends in an adventure to unravel the plot of the bad guys. You can run between different lanes and tracks and collect trophies, red rings, and gems. As well as overcome obstacles and difficulties and explore new levels every day. Also, unlock all characters and use free shopping as you can get unlimited diamonds, unlimited red rings, and other features.

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