Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.6.3.1 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems) is a creative simulation game with a new gameplay idea. Enjoy simulation and construction games, but this time not in a village, park, or one of the big cities. This time you will play the role of the head of the prison who runs a small and modest prison and wants to improve conditions and make it an economic and profitable prison and upgrade all aspects of the prison. You will enjoy making your own decisions, controlling prisoners, and experiencing new experiences with management games.

Along with Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk free shopping to get unlimited items that you can use to upgrade your prison. On top of that, get unlimited diamonds and unlimited money to use for customization. Plus many other amazing features that you will see when you start playing. We will also provide you with the steps for getting Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK iOS. Along with a link to download Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk latest version for Android and other details.

About Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Free Purchase) is a great building and simulation game. As you will enjoy the management and development of prisons and expand the area to become one of the best prisons in the world. You will have the ability to improve the behavior of the prisoners and control them. In addition to improving conditions inside the prison and upgrading gardens, rooms, sleeping places, and entertainment.

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In addition to toilets and public facilities inside. Moreover, set up a security system that will prevent prisoners from escaping. Also, train and control employees and transform the prison from an educational institution into an economic institution to make money. Prison Empire Tycoon is developed by Codigames. Then the game began to gain fame on Android and iOS systems. So, recently, the new Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk 2022 appeared.

Which is one of the best-improved versions of the game. Where you can enjoy the same creative gameplay and intuitive control options. Plus more other updates within the main menus, coins, and other features within the game. In Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Menu, you will need to become a successful prison manager who thinks about development and expansion in everything. Also, repair residents, improve behavior, and use personalities in economic business to become wealthy businessmen.

Plus, get Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk unlimited diamonds as one of the most important new rewards. Moreover, use free shopping and buy any item easily. Along with mod menu and use more options. Despite that, Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk unlimited money and gems are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The game is also available with great graphics, high-quality wallpapers, 3D effects, and many other features that you will see when you start playing.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) Latest Version

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Features

  • Become Prison Manager: You can become the head of the prison and develop your own program to rehabilitate prisoners, upgrade the prison, improve development, production, and establish projects.
  • Control Everything: You will control the prisoners and build more rooms. Plus, set up a precise security system to thwart escape plans and manage the prison with high efficiency.
  • Immerse Yourself In Economic Activities: Make the right decision and get ready to expand the prison. Also, use prisoners for economic activities, earn money, and become one of wealthy.
  • Upgrades: Once you start playing you will think about how to expand this mini and make it bigger. Plus, upgrade gardens, entertainment venues, toilets, rooms, playgrounds, and more.
  • Graphics: Prison Empire Tycoon has great and high-quality graphics. In addition to 3D and stereoscopic graphics in a wonderful and attractive way, and excellent control options.
  • Unlimited Money /Gems: Earn more prizes and new rewards when you start playing. Where you will get infinite gems and unlimited diamonds. Just like Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK.
  • Free Purchase: Also use Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk free shopping to get anything you want inside the game. Where the purchase was activated and the ability to obtain any item from the game store.
  • Unlocked Everything: Unlock all characters and options. In addition to enjoying more additions within the gameplay for easier control of the game.
  • MOD Menu: Play Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Menu and use more new options in the game menus. Where you can find some improved settings and new features.
  • Compatibility: Download Prison Empire Tycoon MOD iOS easily. Besides, get the new game, the latest version for Android, in a suitable size. As the game is compatible with most the different operating systems.
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Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) Latest Version

Download Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk for Android

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Download


All you have to do now is download Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK 2023 from above. After that, you will go directly to the downloads file or the location of the game file on your device. Now click on the “APK” file and then click on “Install”. Once the file installation is complete, you will click on “Open” to start a new and interesting adventure with simulation games and reap more great rewards and features within the game.

Download Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK iOS

Prison Empire Tycoon iOS Download


At first, download Prison Empire Tycoon iOS from the top and wait a minute for the game file to complete downloading. Now you can open the downloads and start the aggressive installation steps. Where you can install the game like any other application installed on your phone. When you start playing, you will find that only the official version features are available and not all the improvements mentioned above.


Prison Empire Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money, Diamonds) is a great and exciting simulation game. Where you can play the role of an indolent prison manager who wants to expand the space and develop capabilities inside the prison and improve behavior. In addition to turning the prison into a profitable organization and earning more money. Plus, upgrade prisoners and facilities inside the prison. As well as improve the security system to prevent escape. In addition to simple control options, unique and attractive gameplay, and many modified features. Get unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, use free shopping, and other great things inside the new game.

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