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The Best SEO Apps For iPhone & Android [2020]

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Nowadays, there is a huge of people use mobile phones. So, no one can dispense his mobile device at this time. Moreover, this prompted both Android and IOS systems to create a first mobile agenda for people that need to access webpages across their mobile phones. This new track helps to raise the optimization of mobile websites for users to check their webpages easily by their mobile phones. Of course, when mobile webpages have appeared, SEO also appeared for mobile phones. So, by SEO mobile apps you can monitor your websites or webpages easily. ShgSeo. In addition, the SEO apps are able to help you to the functionality of your SEO toolbox for your webpage without any efforts. This essay will present the top-ranked SEO apps for both iPhone and Android in 2020.

The Best SEO Apps for iPhone


The HubSpot app lets you reach important marketing, tools, and data. By this app, you can also monitor your analytics and SEO on your website. In addition, you can connect it with your social media accounts for publishing the content. You are able to monitor your last sales activity. This app is an amazing and comprehensive marketing tool and you can download it for a low price.


The SEO Pro app is also another app to monitor your SEO and Marketing efforts easily without any efforts. So, you can use it also for following Google Page Rank, Yahoo In links, Alexa Rank, and so on. Also, it lets you view Meta tags and following the daily changes in rank.

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Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro is another SEO App lets you able to collect all the information that you want from Google Analytics like visitor information, statistics, and so on. Unfortunately, this app is not free you can buy it for $5.99. However, it will compensate you for the use of any other app in this field. This app also gives you clear and meaningful information that you want to know.


WordPress is an open-source content management system. It also lets you make living blogging for free. So, you can use this free app as a tool to publish content and articles on your website. Also, you can monitor your site everywhere. In addition, by using the WordPress app, you can add new blog posts and pages, commenting, moderating and replying comments, and so on across your phone.

SEO Automatic

You have two versions of SEO Automatic one of them is a lite free version and the other is a full version but with some fees. I think the Full version is better for your website that just for $9.99. This app lets you know about webpage analysis and content and code analysis and everything related to SEO. It also never takes a lot of time just a few seconds.

The Best SEO Apps for Android

SEO Backlinks

SEO Backlinks is the best app that lets you monitor your links and manage them easily. So, it is a practical and secure tool that lets you monitor your backlinks. In addition, it works easily you just need to type the URL of your website or webpage. Then, the app will track and list the number of backlinks access on the website. By this great app, you are able to view the full list of links by clicking on the Continue. Also, this app supports the feature of writing a report that lets you able to send it to your teammates simply.

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SE Ranking PRO

SEO Ranking Pro is another SEO App for your Android mobile. By this great app, you can reach your rank history, current rank, and site audit reports. So, you can use this app to update your SEO performance. This app is the best SEO tool you can download it easily for your Android mobile. In addition, this app lets you able to check the data that you want to evaluate SEO on your website. Also, it assists you to know the site problems that you should solve them.


Trello is also one of the best apps for SEO that lets users organize their tasks quickly. It lets you able to categorize and list down your tasks in cards form. So, these cards have a number of options that let you add extra details like comments, side notes, deadlines, tags, and so on. In addition, this app lets you add to your tasks lists of more details about what you are doing during the day. This app also has an amazing feature that lets you can share your tasks with your teammates. So that lets your teammates can add more details and give their point of view. Also, it has a special user interface and lets you able to focus on your missions only.

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WebRank SEO Live

WebRank SEO Live is also a great app that lets you can overview quickly on the website that you choose by just adding the URL of the website. This app tracks ranking sites like Alexa Rankings and a huge number of indexed pages, and also social media interactions. You can use this great app easily because it has a very simple user interface. So, WebRank SEO Live works well to give you amazing metrics to your Android.

SERP Mojo-Rank Tracker

SERP Mojo-Rank Tracker is also a rank monitor app; you can use it to monitor your webpage’s keywords. So, that will rank search for your content in Google, Yahoo, and so on. You just need to add the URL with the keywords. The results also will show quickly. Also, you can add more than one keyword.


To sum up, I presented in this essay the best SEO Apps For iPhone and Android in 2020. I hope this article was helped you to find the best SEO App to monitor your website simply without any efforts. Go ahead and download the best SEO app from the links of apps above. So, you just need to press on the links of apps above then go to download it.

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