Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked All, Unlimited DNA)

Rebel Inc MOD APK v1.12.6 (Unlocked All, Unlimited DNA)

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Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked and Unlimited DNA) is a unique simulation game that contains a lot of challenges. Build and develop your own empire and manage everything in your area. Besides meeting the demands of your people and repairing what was spoiled by the war. The game will take you in an amazing strategic world and many tasks to do. You can choose government personnel, build an army, market the kingdom, and do many other activities. In the beginning, you must provide services to the people in your kingdom so that they trust you and be able to implement your own program in the development of the country.

Rebel Inc Mod Apk has amazing graphics, open gameplay, and simple control options. Plus more instructions and other options will appear on the screen. Along with Rebel Inc MOD APK Free Shopping to enjoy more other features. Also, get unlimited DNA, premium unlocked, and other improvements. Below you will find a link to download Rebel Inc Mod Apk latest version for Android and more information about the new game.

Rebel Inc Premium – Unlimited DNA

About Rebel Inc Premium MOD APK

Rebel Inc MOD APK Unlimited DNA is an amazing strategy game. The events of the game take place in one of the places that was exhausted by war and destroyed the infrastructure and spread devastation everywhere. People need a leader and ruler to restore life to normal and provide for all the needs of the people and carry out many projects, reforms, and expansions. The game was developed by Ndemic Creations and now Rebel Inc is available for Android and iOS and millions of players around the world follow it.

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Recently, Rebel Inc Mod Apk appeared, which is considered one of the best Mod versions of the game. Where you can enjoy the same gameplay and play and do many activities and provide a lot of services to people. Because you will play the role of the leader, then you must improve water sources, develop agriculture, and build educational and health facilities in order to gain people’s trust. Also, appoint 8 governments with special characteristics such as civil servants, generals, bankers, economists, and others.

Moreover, you have to upgrade your military power to repel the rebel attack on your kingdom. In addition to marketing your empire and opening new areas such as Mountain Pass, Southern Desert, Pistachio Forest, and others. Also, Rebel Inc Hack provides detailed maps and more than 150 tactical strategies that you can use. Moreover, play Rebel Inc Mod Apk unlimited money and enjoy more new rewards.

Along with Rebel Inc Mod Menu Apk, in which you will find more additions and updated options. In addition to using free shopping and obtaining unlimited DNA. Despite that, Rebel Inc Mod Apk unlimited DNA is compatible with Android and iOS and includes many other great features that you will use when you start playing.

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Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked All, Unlimited DNA)

Rebel Inc MOD APK Feauters

  • Build Your Own Empire: When you start playing Rebel Inc Mod Apk, your task will be to repair what was destroyed by war, create your own kingdom, meet the demands of your people, and provide services.
  • Play the Role of the Ruler: You will play the role of the ruler and you will generalize governments, establish an army, develop your kingdom, upgrade your military power and protect your region from the attack of the rebels.
  • Assign Governments: There are more than 8 governments that you can appoint while playing. For example, you will appoint a civil servant, a banker, a general, and others.
  • Meet People’s Needs: In Rebel Inc, your task will be to develop agriculture, industry, commerce, and provide work. In addition to improving water and food sources and other reforms.
  • Military Power Upgrade: Manage everything including the army. To is one of the most important things that will help you protect your borders from the greedy.
  • Expand Your Kingdom: There are more nearby places that you can unlock. Where you can market your empire to provide more places for your people to live.
  • Unlocked Everything: Unlock all-new maps, advisors, and places. Besides, premium unlocked to enjoy more amazing features within the game. Just like Plague Inc MOD APK.
  • Unlimited Money /DNA: Money is one of the most important elements you will use for the prosperity of your city. So you can get unlimited money as you can get unlimited dna.
  • Free Shopping: There are a lot of things that you can get from the game store. Therefore, in-game purchases have been enabled to use free shopping easily.
  • MOD Menu: Download Rebel Inc Mod Menu and you will find more updates in the game menu. In addition to more options and different game modes.
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Rebel Inc MOD APK (Premium Unlocked, Free Shopping)

Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked All, Unlimited DNA)

Download Rebel Inc Mod Apk for Android

Rebel Inc MOD v1.12.6 Download


First, you can download Rebel Inc MOD APK 2022 by clicking on the download link above. Then you will find yourself on the direct download page. Now click on the game button and wait for the file to complete on your Android phone. Then open “File Manager” and click on the “APK” file to install the game using the normal steps. After that, you can open a new game and start the adventure.

Final Words

Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked, Unlimited DNA) is a very interesting and fun strategy simulation game. Where you can enjoy governing your kingdom and creating your own empire on the ashes of war. After the saga ended, everything was destroyed and devastation spread everywhere. Therefore, your task will be to play the role of a leader and a ruler who restores peace again. You can provide services to people, appoint governments, establish an army, expand your area and repel the attack of enemies. Also, you will get unlimited money and unlimited DNA and you will use free shopping. Plus, unlocked everything and other modified features.

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