Plague Inc MOD APK (Unlimited DNA, Unlocked All) for Android

Plague Inc MOD APK v1.18.7 (Unlimited DNA, Unlocked All) for Android

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Plague Inc MOD APK Unlimited DNA 2022 is a strange and unique simulation game. As you will play the role of a chemist who has a laboratory that can invent new types of epidemics and viruses that can infect all people in the world. In addition to controlling the way, diseases spread and the country in which the epic will begin, and trying to prevent and stop the methods of treatment. The more people infected with the epidemic, the greater your success in the game. This is in nutshell gameplay on Plague Inc Evolved MOD APK.

As the game is a new type of simulation game that you can try. In addition to thinking based on evil, but from another, more aggressive perspective. So if you are interested, start your adventure with Plague Inc MOD Version. Then we will provide you with all the game features in the following. In addition to providing a fast download link. In order to Plague Inc, Mod Apk Download latest version 2022 for Android. As we will explain to you all the information and other updates in the game.

Plague Inc MOD APK Unlimited DNA

Plague Inc MOD APK With Custom Scenarios is an upgraded and updated version of the impressive simulation games that you can try. There are many video games that are characterized by mystery and strangeness in terms of the way they play and the idea of ​​​​Gameplay. There are some zombie-fighting games, survival games, or destruction games that enable you to take over the world.

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But on Plague Inc No MOD, it’s a little different. As you will play the role of a chemist who has the ability to create and spread the disease in the world without finding ways to search for a cure. Where you can invent diseases such as the ones that the world has suffered in the past centuries, such as the plague, influenza, and most recently, Covid 19. Plague Inc contains all the elements that help you simulate the role of the evil man who wants to destroy the world and kill humanity.

Also, control how quickly the disease spreads and where the virus will be born. Plus, choose a massive recklessness system for the virus, which is supported by research laboratories all over the world. Whereas, Plague Inc MOD is a simulation game equivalent to advanced biological warfare weapons. Moreover, play Plague Inc Mod Apk online multiplayer and participate in playing with other players.

In addition to the cooperative mode and other new modes in the game. As well as enjoy Plague Inc MOD APK Unlocked All and create a different mix of viruses. However, you can try Plague Inc with HD Graphics and other unique features in the user interface. Which is characterized by easy access as all ads have been removed. Also, the game is compatible with all versions of Android /iOS. You can see more below.

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Plague Inc MOD APK Features

Plague Inc MOD APK Features

  • Realistic Simulation. Although it is a simulation game based on evil, which we do not wish to happen on our planets. But maybe you can try Plague Inc Mod Apk just for fun.
  • Create Viruses. You can control the creation and spread of epidemics in different countries of the world with more than 12 different types of infection that you can work on.
  • Choose Location. Also, choose the country in which the disease will start. Since there are 50+ countries you can start to create a new virus.
  • Department of Biological Weapons. When you start playing you can run your lab as a lethal weapon to wipe out humanity. Stop searching for antiviral treatment.
  • DNA Unlimited. Once you start playing Plague Inc Mod Apk Unlimited DNA. Then you will get endless DNA to put your own strategy to start creating epidemics.
  • Unlocked Everything. Get all the new items and additions in the game. As everything is unlocked with more other features that were not available before.
  • HD Graphics. Enjoy the best graphics and high-quality effects. With HD graphics. Plus many other improvements in the gameplay. Such as Bitlife MOD APK.
  • New Mode. You can play Plague Inc Mod Apk offline or online. Along with trying multiplayer mode, co-op mode, or choose any other mode to start playing.
  • Smooth User Interface. You will not need much time to start playing and gain experience. As Plague Inc Mod is characterized by a simple user interface and is familiar to all users.
  • No Ads. One of the best features you will find on Plague Inc. All videos, recommendations, and pop-ups were removed. Plus all unwanted ads.
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Plague Inc MOD APK With Custom Scenarios Latest Version 2022

Plague Inc MOD APK With Custom Scenarios Latest Version 2022

Download Plague Inc Mod Apk for Android

Plague Inc MOD v1.18.7 Download


First, you will click on the download link above. When Plague Inc MOD APK 2022 has been downloaded to your phone. Then you will open the file manager or you will move to the location of the game file on your Android phone. Now you will install the file easily. But before installation, you will open the settings. Then you will enable the Unknown sources option through the security settings. In order not to face any problem during the installation of the game. Now open the new game and enjoy unlimited Dns and unlock everything with an ad-free interface and other advantages.


Plague Inc Scenario Creator MOD APK is an aggressive simulation game based on evil and an attempt to eradicate humanity in very unique gameplay. Where you will create viruses and epidemics that put you in control of more than 50 different places around the world. In addition to using your own strategy for the spread of the epidemic. Also, prevent any attempt to search for a cure for the virus. As well as use many new items and modified features. With HD graphics and other features, you will see above.

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