Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Best Loan App

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Best Loan App

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Are you looking to apply for an instant personal loan and don’t want to waste your time in meeting a lender and completing the formalities? You are not alone! Many borrowers don’t have time to invest in meeting a lender and going through the formalities of applying for an instant personal loan.

It is where the concept of the quick loan app that you can use on your phone to apply for a loan has become successful. However, when it comes to choosing the best loan app, you can’t opt for any other instant loans app as all may not have advanced features to help you out.

You can go through this short post and know about some elements that the best loan app must offer to a borrower. All set to continue? Read on!

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Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Best Loan App

Functionalities that the best loan app must provide:

  • It should let you manage previous loan accounts

By using the quick loan app, you should be able to access all information on your loan and investments, view statements and other details of the closed loan.

  • You should be able to check out pre-approved offers

The best loan app should also let you check out your personalized pre-approved loan offers that you can enjoy and pocket deals and discounts. By sharing your basic details, the loan app should facilitate a call back so that you may enquire more.

  • You should be able to make payments

Once you avail an instant personal loan, you should not be running to your lender every month to pay off your EMI. The quick loan app should let you make EMI payments along with part prepayments and even foreclose the loan earlier.

  • The drawdown facility should be active on a loan app

The best loan app that is being provided by your lender should also help you request the drawdown functionality by simply getting your OTP authenticated.

  • You should be easily getting all the vital notifications

A quick loan app must have the feature to help a borrower view all notifications related to your payments and much more. Besides, a customer should also be enabled to download all statements.

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Based on requirement customer must have to check the following aspects before applying for the loan through app:

  • Raising a request should be enabled

Should you have any grievances to make, the quick loan app should be able to help you raise a request related to the same. What’s more, the customer should also be given the provision to view the details of all such earlier closed tickets/requests.

  • What about some new functionality?

Many leading lenders are equipping their loan apps with chat bots to provide enhanced and round-the-clock customer service to borrowers. This way, they can resolve many queries on the go.

  • You should be able to rate the loan app

Based on how you liked or disliked the online loan app of a company, you should have access to rate it so that your lender may take action to improve its services.

Some of the vital features that a loan app should provide to its customers are now enlisted. It will help you check for these aspects while downloading a quick loan app from the Google Play Store and iOS Store and make a better usage decision.

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