Is it Necessary for Parents to Monitor Kids Facebook Activities?

Is it Necessary for Parents to Monitor Kids Facebook Activities?
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As social media continues to be an integral part of everyone’s life, the question of whether these platforms are safe for children continues to linger in most parent’s minds. All platforms present all forms of benefits and challenges at the same time.

For instance, Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. So there’s a high chance that your child is using the platform in one way or another.

Our article today focuses on parents. We’ll be trying to show you whether it’s okay to monitor your child’s Facebook activities. You can click on this link to find out how to use FoneMonitor to monitor your child’s activities on social media.


Facebook and children

Primarily, Facebook being one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it’s difficult to contain your child and prohibit them from using the platform.


Most of their age mates use the platform to share experiences, chat, watch videos and images, and even share them amongst each other. Facebook also allows you to create groups where your child can meet and mingle with new friends.

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As a Facebook user, your child will benefit from using the platform. On the other hand, there’s a whole list of challenges they might encounter while using the platform. That includes security issues, getting in contact with cybercriminals, sharing content that can be inappropriate for children, and many other things that can alter your child’s mind.

What to do in such a case

Your primary role as a parent is to provide security. Your child might not see the need to seek your assistance, but you need to know what you need to do.

In this case, the best way to solve this problem is by using FoneMonitor, which is a spy app with millions of users around the world. It has also received recognition from various online brands such as PC Mag, Digital Trends, New York Times, TechRadar, and so many others for its enormous contribution in the spy app space.

 Parents to Monitor Kids Facebook Activities?

Children can end up lying, especially when you pressure them. They will hide their true self, and this could alter your relationship with them.

So, introducing a spy app like FoneMonitor will solve the problem in an instance.

Why you need to FoneMonitor to monitor your child’s Facebook activities

Primarily, the app can help you monitor your child’s Facebook activities privately. Once you install the app, which needs only 2 MBs worth of space, it goes into hiding. It operates behind the scenes, and your child won’t know it’s there.

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 Parents to Monitor Kids Facebook Activities?

Then, you don’t need the phone again. You’ll be able to monitor your child’s Facebook activities from a remote control panel.

For parents who have several kids whom they’d like to monitor, you can use the Family plan so that you can watch all your children using one account. Therefore, it becomes affordable.

Besides that, FoneMonitor updates the content depending on your needs. If you want updates every 10 minutes, you can set it via the control panel. If you wish to receive one or two updates in a day, you can also set it that way. Note that the target device doesn’t drain the battery even with more updates.

The spy app also allows you to see everything as it is. Not only will you have access to your child’s Facebook account, but you’ll also be able to see his or her phone activities, browsing history, installed apps, the phone’s gallery, call records and logs. In short, you’ll have every detail on your hands without them knowing.

Bonus Tips

As a parent, even though you’ll be using the FoneMonitor app, it’s always good to talk to your child about the benefits and dangers of Facebook. Ask them what they like about the platform and what they enjoy doing while using the platform.

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Teach them how to form relationships, even with strangers, how to detect cybercriminals, and how to ensure that they avoid inappropriate content, especially those that encourage drugs, porn, and crime.


For most parents, monitoring your child’s Facebook might seem troublesome, especially if your kids don’t want you to know what they do on social media.

But with FoneMonitor, you have the opportunity to understand what your child is doing even without them knowing. As you monitor their Facebook activities, ensure that you advise them on the best social media practices.

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