Some Effective Tips to Prepare for Microsoft MD-101: Exam Dumps as One of the Best Options

Some Effective Tips to Prepare for Microsoft MD-101
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Microsoft MD-101 is intended for the qualified modern desktop administrators who are looking to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. These professionals deploy, secure, configure, monitor, and manage devices as well as client applications within an enterprise environment. In addition to this, the candidates have the job role of managing identity, updates, access, apps, and policies. They usually collaborate with other administrators within their enterprise to design and implement device strategies that fulfill various business needs of their organization.

Before taking Microsoft Certifications Dumps, you should be experienced and proficient in configuring, maintaining, and deploying non-Windows and Windows 10 technologies and devices. The applicants should also have experience with Microsoft 365 workloads before attempting this test. It is important to mention that for those individuals who have already passed the Microsoft 70-698 exam before its expiration on March 31, 2019, there is no need to take Microsoft MD-100. They only need to sit for the MD-101 test in order to obtain their Modern Desktop credential. For those students who are pursuing this certification afresh, Microsoft MD-100 is the first exam to take before Microsoft MD-101. Therefore, you may know some information about the structure of the Microsoft tests and policies of this vendor regarding the number of questions or other details. That is why, in this article, we will talk more about preparation tips and resources that you can use to pass the MD-101 exam with flying colors.

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Tips & Tricks

Having a good study strategy in place is very important for effective preparation. The following tips will help you develop a good strategy, have an effective prep process, which ultimately leads to success in your certification test. Let’s get right into it visit

  • Understand the details of the exam

Your understanding of the exam details is very critical. Although it doesn’t directly impact your study, it helps you have a clear idea of what to expect on the exam day. Microsoft MD-101 is made up of 40-60 questions with the formats that cover the active screen, multiple-choice, drag, and drop, build a list, short answer, and hot area. The candidates will be given 120 minutes for its completion and an additional 30 minutes for reading instructions, signing the NDA, and providing feedback at the testing center. To apply for the MD-101 test, you have to pay $165 and register on the Pearson VUE platform. The exam is available only in the English language for now. More details about this certification test can be found on the official website. It is important that you go through the comprehensive details to know what to expect.

  • Understand the exam content

Microsoft MD-101 measures certain technical tasks. These make up the content of this test. It is crucial that you go through the exam page to read and understand different aspects that are covered in the whole content. Basically, there are four broad objectives covered within the scope of the certification test. These include:

  • Deploy & update operating systems (15-20%);
  • Manage data & apps (25-30%);
  • Manage profiles & policies (35-40%);
  • Manage & protect devices (15-20%).
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Each topic has a list of subsections that the examinees should study before attempting the test. Take time to go through all of them and get familiar with each aspect. Another important point to note is the percentage for each subject. You should be mindful of this as it indicates the weight of the contribution of each area to the overall content.

Study Materials & Resources

In addition to your understanding of the exam topics, the next most important thing is choosing the right study materials. Indeed, many people have opinions about Microsoft MD-101, and a lot of them have shared their experience through different online platforms by giving up the links to different sources. However, not all of these opinions or resources can be relevant and up-to-date. That is why you should be careful about the websites that you explore for prep tools. So, how do you even can choose the right study materials for your preparation in this situation? Take a look at the following hints.

  • The official instructor-led training course

As a matter of fact, there are different training options that you can explore on the Microsoft Learning Platform. As for Microsoft MD-101, there is the instructor-led course right on the exam page designed to equip the applicants with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the certification test. This type of preparation also develops hands-on experience that will be useful in real-world scenarios. This training course is offered through the Microsoft Learning Partners dispersed across the world. You can check the Microsoft website to learn more about taking this training. In addition to the course, there are other resources that you can explore on the site. Take advantage of them to achieve success in Microsoft MD-101.

  • Exam dumps and practice tests

Braindumps are another way of preparing for Microsoft MD-101. You will have the real questions and answers that have been administered to the previous candidates. The advantage of using exam dumps is that they give you a sneak peek into the real question options to understand the fact that Microsoft, like any other certification vendor, sometimes repeats their exam questions. There is a high chance that you will come across some of those you practice with when working through braindumps.

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Exam-labs is a leading platform that you can explore for free and paid practice tests. In addition to them, you can also find a wide range of other prep tools such as video tutorials and study guides for the certification exams of various vendors. The website also offers you an emulator so that you will be able to open the ETE files. This is very convenient, so that is why this platform is used by many applicants.


And there you have them. The tips and recommendations that we have provided to you above are very effective and easy to follow. With their help, you can make a significant difference in your preparation and excel in the Microsoft MD-101 certification exam.

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