Study Guide to Get Best Scores in Salesforce Cpq Specialist Certification

Study Guide to Get Best Scores in Salesforce Cpq Specialist Certification
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The Salesforce CPQ specialist certification is focused to certify the candidates who have understanding about approaches towards Salesforce CPQ solutions. Salesforce is basically customer relationship management software for Salesforce customers, partners, and employees. These candidates have skills to help Salesforce for designing, organizing and implementing the administration on CPQ platform in a better way. The exam takes up the broad manifestation of capabilities in the field of CPQ solutions.

Salesforce Cpq Specialist Certification

This article basically helps you in understanding the easiest way to tackle your Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification exam:

What is the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification?

The exam is fundamentally designed for those experienced candidates in Salesforce, who want to help the company with more enhanced knowledge and the skills in the domain of CPQ certification. The certification covers the applications for a CPQ user-end, configuration, and management. The exam just like Salesforce ADM-201 consists of 60 questions asked in the form of multiple choice questions. Also, the time is same, there are given 105 minutes to solve these questions. The cost to sit for this for this certification is nearly $200. The Salesforce official site requires you to get- self-registered with the exam CPQ Specialist Certification.

What are the recommended pre-requisites to take Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification?

Generally, the candidates must be able to:

  • Maintain the SalesForce CPQ solutions
  • Pricing and comprehending CPQ terminology
  • Troubleshooting and basic problem solving
  • Configuration and quoting a template

Maintain the SalesForce CPQ solutions

What is the job role of Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certified Professional?

The job roles of a Salesforce certified CPQ Specialist include the following:

  • Sales Optimization
  • Salesforce Product Manager
  • Services
  • Implementation consultant
  • Technical Architect
  • Pricing Manager

What is the Syllabus Content for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification?

The exam contents are described by the official SalesForce vendor on their website. They have explained topic-wise modules which must be understood by the candidates preparing for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam.

  • CPQ platform 23%:

The candidate must be best prepared in describing the information regarding CPQ terminology. This deals with the documentation in the company settings in CPQ. The candidate needs to be prepared for the administration controls and configuration of the Interface Settings for CPQ.

  • Bundle configurations 17%

The candidate gets his skills verified in the domain of user configuration. The candidates understand user bundle configurations in CPQ.

  • Pricing 16%

The skills in the field of security controlling about passwords, IP restrictions and identity confirmations about pricing the entities in CPQ are verified in this test. The candidate must know which security operations to be used for certain CPQ software applications. There must be knowledgeable about profile customization and various profile settings for CPQ.

  • Quote Templates 7%

In a given scenario, the candidates are required to depict their capabilities in the domain of setting up a quote template to meet the business requirements.

  • Product Selection 7%

The candidates are capable in to use search filters in a given scenario. They have the skills for management tools in the field of marketing and enabling product selection.

  • Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals 15%

In this domain, the candidates identify the automation of order generation, renewal generations, and assets to meet business requirements.

  • Products 11%

In this field, the candidates manifest their abilities for managing the products along with the price books. Also the skills are depicted in the field of Catalog setup and CPQ dataflow.

  • Approvals 4%

The candidates are required to select and set up advanced approvals to meet business requirements,

The above-mentioned domains are specified and the exam is conducted to validate the skills in these domains. Now, I will focus on my preparation journey for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification and how I achieved the post of CPQ architect job with a handsome amount of salary every month.

How I got 68.1% scores in my Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification in my first attempt?

There are numerous internet based gatherings which are accessible anywhere in the world, which can help you acing the test. When I started preparing for my exam 6 months back, there were numerous web-based site programming projects which essentially helped me in accomplishing a truly amazing job. I found one online platform Dumpscollection. With the information in the previously mentioned spaces, I cleared in my first endeavor of Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification. The sites contain a ton of elements like test dumps and practice meetings. The basics which helped me are test dumps, PDF notes, online books and talks, brain dumps assessed from the 90,000 ensured experts alongside the training tests. The thing which helped me in my exam was the practice sessions, this site offered me. I gave some 20 plus practice tests here. The professionals evaluated my exam dumps and this helped me in getting 68.1 % in my Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification.

Which skills did I get validated which played the best role in acing my Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification?

The abilities which I get approved by the training tests accessible here were managing all the previously mentioned spaces tried in Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification. The huge is the foundation and setting up the abilities in the field of CPQ platform with regards to the pricing, output documents, and amendments. I become more acquainted with about the security tasks to be utilized for certain product applications in CPQ through the experts in the internet based gathering. I cleaned my insight about profile customization and different profile settings. The accessible brain dumps and the appropriate response inquiries in the test dumps hushed up like those I had in my genuine test. I practiced my skills along with the knowledge gained through online workshops with the best study material made me fruitful in Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification.


To finish up, the fundamental accreditation with this site is that it didn’t just assist me in acing through Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification yet getting the best SalesForce CPQ Architect job also. Towards my effective career, I got approved the basics to play out the CPQ capacities in my organization. In case you are the one confused about preparing for exam among such countless accessible courses and searching for some solid and reliable internet-based webpage then you need to keep my experience with Dumpscollection in your mind to perform best in Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification.

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