Getting The Job: Essential Tips For Making The Best Resume

Getting The Job: Essential Tips For Making The Best Resume
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You’re on the hunt for the perfect job, but you can’t start the job-hunting process properly unless you have a resume to start with. After all, it’s your first impression for prospective employers. Of course, not everyone knows how to craft the perfect resume off the rip, but thankfully, this article is here to help guide you.

The important part about a resume is to pay attention to the little things, and you can take a look at some free industry-specific, pre-written examples to get an idea. To further assist you so you can best position yourself for job-hunting success, keep reading to learn some essential tips for your perfect resume.

1. Start With a Strong Resume Header

The resume header is what recruiters first notice when they pick up your resume, and it’s where you write your name, phone number, and email address.

Make sure that the email address is professional or at least neutral, and not something goofy or inappropriate. Plus, it helps if you put down your LinkedIn profile, too, for that extra little touch of professionalism.

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2. Focus on Your Introduction

We don’t have to tell you how many resumes a recruiter has to go through before they finally make their pick. After all, it’s a core part of their job. So to help yourself stand out from the crowd, try to blow them away with the introduction on your resume. Don’t make it generic or too long—keep it snappy, interesting, and all about the job you want.

3. Use the Right Words

Some recruiters use computers and algorithms to scan through resumes and help them find the right candidate, and you can use this to your advantage. How, you ask? Use keywords! Focus on the job you are looking for and use words that fit the job the most. It’s a neat little trick for job-hunting success.

4. Customize for the Job

The worst mistake you can make when trying to get a new job? Using the exact same resume everywhere. It ultimately does nothing more than convince the recruiter that you have applied just for the sake of it.

Try to go a little out of the way and show them that you’re passionate about the potential position, and there’s an easy way to do that.

All you need to do is carefully customize and personalize the resume for each job you apply for. Make sure to carefully read the job description and match your skills and experience to what they want and are looking for.

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5. Keep It Neat

Your resume isn’t exactly the best place to show off your art skills (well, it depends on the job I guess), the thing you actually need to succeed is a good-looking resume. As a result, it should be well-polished and clean in presentation.

6. Check for Mistakes

Typos and mistakes throughout your resume are never a good look—they’re awkward, to say the least. So before you send out your resume, make sure you thoroughly proofread it first and remove any mistakes. You could try asking a friend to help you spot any hiccups so you can fix them, or you may even want to consider enlisting a professional to help.

Get Your Dream Job With a Perfect Resume

Who doesn’t want to bag their ultimate dream job? Well, I mean everyone, but it’s easier said than done, though. However, you’ll be one step closer to getting it done when you make the best resume you can.

Do your best to stand out and show off your skills. Sure, it definitely takes time to perfect your resume, but you will get there eventually.

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