Four Ways Online Teachers Help Students Achieve Success

Four Ways Online Teachers Help Students Achieve Success
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Learn how online teachers can help students succeed in their studies.

Friendly and caring online teachers are one of the highlights of virtual school. While students don’t see them in person daily, online teachers promote academic and personal growth through fun, interactive lessons and invest time to get to know each student and their family.

Here are a few reasons why our students benefit significantly from their online teachers:

1. They are experts in online learning.

Teachers at high-quality online schools like MGM Academy have extensive training, being experts in children’s virtual engagement and knowing how to help students achieve academic success through digital learning strategies.

It is a big difference from the emergency remote learning classrooms that many students logged into during the pandemic. According to studies, most experienced teachers in traditional physical schools felt largely unprepared and ill-equipped to navigate the world of online learning when they were forced to manage their classrooms entirely online, ultimately causing students to suffer academically and socially.

But because k12 online schools are designed specifically for virtual learning, teachers receive specialized training in ways to engage and educate all types of online learners (even those with special needs) in areas such as social-emotional development and digital etiquette, all while helping to customize courses based on each student’s needs. Here, students progress and earn comparable scores on standardized tests, unlike students in traditional schools.

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2. Personalize lessons

Not all students achieve success by learning through the same methods as other students. So what can online teachers do to support students in achieving success? Personalize lessons.

Here’s how it works: when a new student enrolls in MGM Academy, they take different diagnostic tests to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.

Using this information, their online teachers can tailor the curriculum to suit each student’s academic needs and better support their development into independent, motivated learners. These personalized lessons enable students to learn effectively, promote a growth mindset, develop decision-making skills, and elevate engagement.

3. They offer personalized attention

Because online teachers do not supervise a physical classroom, they can spend more time helping each student individually.

When students have questions or concerns, they can communicate directly with their online teacher, who can work with them one-on-one and provide additional support, guidance, and encouragement. The teacher helps their student connect with them through the virtual school’s many resources and interactive tools, such as real-time online classrooms and instant messaging. In a one-on-one environment, many students feel more comfortable and are less nervous or embarrassed to ask questions.

Ultimately, the extra personalized attention that online teachers provide to students leads to better content mastery and faster academic growth rates, especially for struggling readers and students with learning difficulties. Also, nowadays there are a lot of online games that are great for studying, for example, such as Elementeo Solitaire.

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4. They invest in student relationships

Online school teachers often communicate with students and their families via email and phone to monitor progress and understanding, discuss how they can collaborate on future college and career goals, and answer any questions for students or their parents. At MGM Academy, students and their families can feel comfortable communicating with their teachers.

This time spent with students one-on-one is made more meaningful during live classes offering positive relationships between students and teachers directly related to increased student engagement and academic success.

Are you ready to learn more about our online school and what our teachers can do to help students succeed? Visit our website here. And learn much more about how parents, students, and teachers perform in our virtual school.

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