The Best Torrent Sites For Searching in 2020

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Nowadays, there are a lot of torrent sites on the internet however you will find some sites don’t work. Also, it is a very hard process to find safe torrent sites. Moreover, this essay will be helping you to find the best torrent sites easily without wasting a lot of time on harmful sites. So, our website examined more than 25 torrent sites in order to make a comparison between the site’s library size, speed, and which is easy to use. In this article, I will present for you the top torrent sites in 2020, so these sites are allowed and safe. After reading my article your life will be changed 360 degrees because you can download anything that you need faster and safely.

What the meaning of Torrent sites?

Torrent sites are sites that include files consist of the data that extends info about other data. So, It doesn’t include the file however, it helps you to search on the file that is sharing from other devices. If it is located on the computer device, the software automatically connects to the computers to copy the content such as photos, music, movies, TV shows, EBooks, apps, games, anime, and so on. For example, the torrent sites are like a huge library that categorized and you can find the content on it by using the site’s searching tool.

I think all torrent sites have the searching option to find your favorite content easily. So, you just need to enter a search word that you want to download, and then the site gives you a recommendation list according to your search word that you entered. In addition, each entry includes info about the content and where is it locate.

A torrent files help the users to search for content that they need to download by giving the info and the IP address of the computers that uploaded this content. Moreover, don’t forget that the list includes the info, not the file itself.

What are the benefits of the Torrent sites?

There are a lot of advantages offers to download from torrent sites. By using torrent sites you can easily stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and so on. It is used by millions of people daily because sharing torrents is a very useful tool nowadays. One of the most beautiful features of torrenting is that you can ban network congestion that happens when the user downloads from a server. So that happens because the downloading of the file in a P2P network doesn’t depend on the central server. There are also a lot of sources to share. In addition, if the downloading stops in torrenting, other parts of the file that you download can still be located from another device. That happens due to the sharing of files by the P2P feature.

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If you are facing downloading problems that happen by the main server, your downloading will be stopped. That means you should start downloading the content from the beginning. But it is different when you have downloaded from torrent. You can easily resume downloading only the remaining files and you don’t need to start from the beginning.

There is also no danger about corruption files when you are using torrent sites. Because of the torrent sites always check the files and leave the available files and ban the corruption files.

Why should you access VPN for Torrent sites?

Naturally, the most popular torrent sites may damage your device with harmful files. Also, hackers can steal your IP address and monitor your device easily. So, when you access the VPN on your device you can easily hide your IP address for saving your data such as browsing activity, location, and personal info from the cybercriminals. Using torrent sites in some regions is illegal. So, you should take care when you using torrent sites and hide your IP address.

If your region doesn’t support torrent sites, you may be arrested because of copyright infringement notices. So, if torrent sites are not allowed in your region, you can use a VPN to protect your anonymity. Moreover, I recommended using NordVPN to be more secure and it works well on a lot of torrent sites. You should make a speed test table to know which sites offer the highest download speed.

The Best Torrent Sites for searching in 2020


Zooqle is the best and popular torrent site. So you can use it to download everything that you need such as games, books, TV series, movies, and so on. Also, Zooqle has a searching tool that lets you find any content that you need to download easily without any efforts. It also has an amazing user interface and you can use it easily without any problems in usage.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is another Torrent site and it is also very popular. It is one of the oldest torrent sites on the internet and has a huge number of users. The reason for its popularity is that it supports a lot of content you can download from the internet. In addition, it has a very easy user interface that lets the users able to deal with the site easily without any efforts. You have also the feature of tags that lets you can select the kind of download safe or not. All of these let this amazing site very popular on the web.


If you want to download your favorite movie, you should visit the PassThePopcorn torrent site. This torrent site has big movies and TV shows library from the past and present in high quality. However, the registration process on this site is very difficult for some users. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t present any registration link or info to sign up. is also another amazing and comprehensive site that uses other websites to filter the files. You have in this site the feature of hiding your IP address. The user interface in this great site is very simple in usage. You can use a tracker that lets you see the popular download trends and categories to choose the content that you need to download.

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KickassTorrents is also the oldest torrent site on the internet. However, according to some users, they said that this website is not the original one. So, don’t worry about this new version of this site is working well without any problems. At this moment, the site has a lot of content to download such as movies, music, TV series, cartoon, games, apps, books, and so on.

LimeTorrents lets the users find everything of content that they need to download. It also supports a lot of features such as you can search on everything that you want to download. It also has a lot of content to download such as music, games, apps, anime, movies, TV shows, and others. I think this is the content everyone needs to enjoy with an amazing downloading experience. is also another torrent site for downloading HD smallest movies and TV shows. So, you are able to download and browse movies in high-quality it starts from 720p to 2160p 4K. In addition, you have an option to download and browse 3D movies. So, you can enjoy downloading these movies with the smallest size and highest quality. It also has a special user interface that lets the users dealing with it easily without any efforts. This site was going offline before but it is now reviving and working well.


1337X is a unique torrent site because it has a huge number of contents to download. This site also has a very simple user interface and it is categorized and organized. In addition, you can search for everything that you want to download easily by the searching tool above the site. The contents that this torrent site support is movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, anime, adult content, and so on.


TorrentDownloads is a torrent site that has different content to download such as games, movies, TV shows, anime, software books, and others. Also, you can find your best content by the searching tool. The user interface in this site also is organized. In addition, you can download the content by registration or you can download the content that you need as a guest.


Torlock is one of the most popular torrent sites. It also featured with legitimate content. It has a very easy user interface that lets the users dealing simply with it. So, you can search on any content that you need to download with the searching tool above the site. As I mentioned above it is a very popular site because it eliminates the fake content. However, you will pay $1 for any fake content that the site will remove.


SkyTorrents is another torrent site that has a lot of content to download such as games, videos, music, software, EBooks, and so on. It has a special user interface and very simple to use. As SkyTorrents mentioned that you can use this site with maximum privacy and minimal tracking.

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This amazing torrent site has a huge number of games that of being shut down or blocking from the stores. This site has more than 20,000 members. You can find your favorite games on this site easily. However, you should create an account on this site to enjoy downloading some amazing games.


TorrentGalaxy is a famous torrent site for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows. You can also download a lot of content on this site like music, games, books, documentaries. This torrent site has a clean user interface and you can use it easily. You also can use the searching bar to find the content that you search simply.


Redacted is a different torrent site for streaming different kinds of music. So, it has classical, hip-hop, pop, and a lot of different kinds of music. In addition, you can find easily your favorite type of music easily on this amazing torrent site. To sign up you should get the invitation to access this great web site and download your favorite music simply.


RARBG also is another famous torrent site. It also has a lot of content to download such as Movies, TV shows, games, music, software, adult content, and so on. It is very simple to use so you have two options in this site first is to log in by the username and password or download from it as a guest. This torrent site is ranked from the top 10 sites because it has a lot of content to download seriously.


In this torrent site, you are able to download a lot of content. For example, you have categories of movies, TV series, TV shows, games, music, anime, EBooks, and adult content. In Torrentfunk you can find your favorite content by the searching bar above easily. It has also a very simple user interface.


IPTorrents is another and different torrent site. It also has a lot of content to download like movies, TV shows, music, EBooks, and so on. However, you should create an account to use this site. This site required an invitation to complete the sign-up process.


BroadcastTheNet has a huge number of torrents; it consists of movies, TV shows, and TV series. This site also is very popular it has more than 35,000 members. However, this site is difficult in the registration process.


Bibliotik is the best torrent site for downloading EBooks. So, this torrent site includes more than 400,000 EBooks. You just need to create an account and searching for your favorite EBook to download.


To sum up, I present in this essay what the meaning of torrent sites, the benefits of downloading from torrent sites, why should you access VPN for these sites, finally the best torrent search sites in 2020. I hope this article was useful for you to enjoy downloading from the torrent sites. The links of the torrent sites are above you just need to click on the site that you need to download content from.

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