What is the Best cheapest Web hosting for hosting a WordPress blog?

Best cheapest Web hosting
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Planning to start your online business or blog to earn some extra money. so if you are planning to invest as low as possible then you know the cost of good web hosting is very expensive so you are searching for the best and cheapest web hosting for hosting your blog. You are on the right page. Here I have mentioned two of the best and cheap web hosting provider from which you can start your blogging adventure.

So let’s start from the basics and first know why it is important to pick the right web hosting to get started a good WordPress blog.

What is the need for good web hosting?

If you are wondering why to go for the best web hosting service when you can get hosting at a very cheap price, then you are not alone to think that. Everyone who decides to start a blog usually doesn’t want to invest much in the services and end up doing the mistake of choosing the low-quality services which the take the blog nowhere and then failed in blogging.

The speed and performance of the blog mostly depend on the web hosting providers as the speed of your blog is dependent on the speed of the servers on which your blog is running. the best servers will cost you more but will provide you the best services than others.

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So it becomes very important to look for the best services and also save some money. now you know that how important is to choose the best and cheap web hosting then let’s move forward and see the two of the best web hosting providers which promise to provide the best services to you and will cost you not much.

The best cheapest web hosting for WordPress blogs

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the best web hosting solution for your WordPress blog. The company strives to provide unique and advanced features to its customers at an affordable price. cloudways is the favorite service provider of many bloggers a helps you to get the best results of your hard work on the blog.

Features of cloudways

1. 3x faster page loading’

Cloudways company uses the SSD drives which is the fastest drive that can improve the performance of any website and reduces the page load time by 3x faster. That means your page can load in the blink of an eye. The SSD servers will enhance the speed of your dynamic blog and you don’t have to worry about the speed anymore.

2.Auto-healing servers

In cloudways, you don’t have to be in the stress of the website being crash because here, the servers can heal themselves automatically and will resolve any issues exist to keep your blog safe and live.

3. Free SSL certificate

Cloudways provide a built-in feature to encrypt your blog and make it more secure with the security certificate that users can trust the content of your website and blog.

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4. one-click backup and restore

Backup of a website is very important to face any kind of hacks and data loss. Cloudways provides the automated backup and restores features which create the backup of your blog on other location and you can install the backup anytime you want in just one click.

5. Two-factor authentication

Cloudways offers the extra layer of security which enables you to verify the access to your account twice and keep the intruder away from getting into your account.


The cheapest package available on cloudways is of 10$ in which you are getting

  • 1TB-bandwidth
  • 25GB storage
  • 1 GB RAM with 1 core

2. WPX hosting

WPX Hosting is another best web hosting provider that you can use to build a WordPress blog with WPX Hosting. This hosting providing company is considered as the #1 web hosting provider by Trustpilot and G2 crowd. You can see the review on the official website of WPX Hosting. The company shows the test of the fastest page loading on the official website.


1. High-speed servers

WPX hosting host all the blogs and websites on their fastest servers which increases the site performance rapidly and shows the good result in the performance of your website and blog. The servers make your blog page load faster which provide the user with a better and fast experience while surfing on your blog and will definitely increase the traffic.

2. Unlimited site migration

On the other web hosting companies you have to pay money for migrating your website to other servers but in WPX hosting you can transfer your website from old servers to new servers anytime you want free of cost.

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3. Unlimited SSL certificates

WPX hosting is providing unlimited SSL certificates for your website and blog for forever. You don’t have to pay any money from the SSL certificate installation and can get it for free to ensure the trust of your visitors and will feel safe to surf on the website.

4. Daily backups

Here your blog is being backup on daily to provide the security of your data in case any issue arrives. you can do manual backups also by using WordPress plugins to store the data on your computer.

5. 30 days money back guarantee

WPX hosting gives you a 30 days money back guarantee so if you don’t like the services then under 30 days you can cancel the services and will get your money back.

6. fast response to customer support

The customer support will not make you wait for too long to respond to your queries, they are all the time available to solve any problem you will face.


The cheapest yearly plan of WPX hosting is of 20$ in which you get the following features.

  • 5 website
  • 25GB storage
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • WPX cloud CDN

So if you are serious about starting your blog and enter the adventurous blogging journey then it is better to do some good investment on the best services which will get you the great results rather than regretting later for buying cheap and poor services.

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