6 Perks Of PMP Certification For Existing Professionals

6 Perks Of PMP Certification For Existing Professionals
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For working professionals who already have experience managing projects, obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential can give your career a significant boost. The PMP certification is globally recognized as the gold standard in project management qualifications. Let’s examine six key advantages the PMP designation offers for existing project professionals.

Validates Your Project Management Prowess

The PMP exam thoroughly tests your expertise across the five process groups in project management – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. By passing the exam, you demonstrate your advanced skills in leading and directing projects based on PMI’s standards and best practices. This validation of your PM abilities boosts your professional credibility.

Sets You Apart From Uncertified Peers

When recruiting managers review your resume, the PMP certification stands out strongly compared to candidates without it. It signifies you have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively manage projects in any industry. This gives you a competitive edge over uncertified contenders vying for the same project manager roles.

Opens Up Higher Earning Potential

Data from PMI’s 10th Edition Salary Survey reveals that PMP credential holders enjoy a 16% higher median salary compared to non-certified peers. The median salary for PMP-certified practitioners in the US is over $116,000 per year. The certification enables you to negotiate higher compensation and expand your earning potential throughout your career.

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Keeps Your Skills Updated

The 120 PDUs you must earn to maintain PMP certification ensure your skills stay updated with the latest project management practices and technologies. This continual learning makes you a smart in project management in project teams and keeps you abreast of evolving PM methodologies. Staying on top of new developments through ongoing education reinforces core competencies while exposing you to innovative strategies and tools emerging in the field.

Allows You To Give Back Through Mentoring

Once you gain the PMP designation, a great way to keep your skills sharp while making a difference is mentoring aspiring project managers. You can coach them on key skills, share study resources, provide guidance to excel in their PM careers and help them avoid some of the challenges and mistakes you may have faced early in your own career. Mentoring others reinforces your own knowledge while allowing you to pay it forward and positively impact the next generation of project managers.

Boosts Opportunities For Career Advancement

With PMP certification on your resume, doors open to greater leadership roles, such as Senior Project Manager, Program Manager and Project Management Office lead. Many organizations even make PMP certification mandatory for management-level project professionals. The designation demonstrates you have the mettle to steer strategic projects successfully.

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For project management practitioners, obtaining the PMP credential offers an array of valuable benefits beyond just enhancing your resume to prepare for PMP. It validates your expertise, gives a competitive edge, increases earning ability, keeps skills current, provides mentoring opportunities and accelerates career advancement. While studying requires commitment, the payoffs make it well worth the effort. Earning your PMP certification this year can propel your professional growth to new heights.

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