5 New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023 for high returns 

5 New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023 for high returns 
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The crypto galaxy embraces the uniqueness and emergence of newbie cryptos. This is a great mark for developers to plunge into the crypto industry anytime and scale high. By resolving the issues faced by current models, developers are attracting investors globally. Initially, cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum had scalability issues. The developers had taken advantage of this inconvenience and jumped into the field.

Each portal has its mission and set of goals before shooting its token into space. The tokens which are now entering the space have a touch of the essence in their features which makes them distinct. Every platform owns cryptos that have their own story to speak. Some enable their users to vote and some relish a new gaming experience. Additionally, it will introduce bitcoin-freedom.com, an online trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and its role in facilitating trading in these regions.

The world is not the same as it was 3 years ago when cryptos were just a trend. This crypto craze is not here to fuse off but to create an impact. Digital assets now can yield more than the physical assets that you own. In a nutshell, your crypto portfolio will build up only when you have a collection of potential tokens.

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Let us have a broader view of 5 cryptos to ace the space of cryptos:

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Love Hate Inu is a blockchain portal that replenishes the vote-to-earn feature. It generates an opportunity for its users to vote and highlight their opinion. It has topics related to culture, politics, and other segments of society. Users can vote on these topics and express their opinions to the onlookers.

LHINU has marked impressive growth in the crypto sphere with its innovation and technopoly. It gives investors a new experience in voting. It has a proof-of-stake consensus which ensures the safety and security of voting. It dispenses transparency in the voting terminology ensuring legitimate votes.

It is closely related to an online survey platform that inbuilt seamless voting on social issues. The system of online surveys is taken to the next level with the introduction of LHINU.

EcoTerra- The Green crypto 

EcoTerra is one of the most incredible tokens so far as it cleanly refines the ecosystem. The design of this portal reflects the cleanliness of the environment. The EcoTerra platform rewards its users when they perform environmental protection activities.

Users can earn EcoTerra tokens by engaging themselves in recycling activities. This is accelerated by converting climate-positive campaigns into achievements later into NFTs. It wons Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) which support multiple countries globally.

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The blockchain-based token offers businesses and individuals to build their carbon footprint with the least effort. A company’s or individual’s portfolio will be on track to determine the tons of carbon they offset. On the bases of their carbon footprints, they are certified to achieve NFTs.

The EcoTerra market is huge connecting recyclers of plastic and aluminum who make payments in ECoTerra.


DeeLance drives freelancing opportunities for entrepreneurs of all age groups. It is the best token for creating employment generation. Users need to stake their DeeLance tokens and pave their payments via this token. Leveraging this concept, freelancers can get easy and quick payments.

The DeeLance community can convert their work into NFTs. DLANCE powers all transactions abridging between employees and recruiters on public ledges and assures transparency. The automatic dispute-settling mechanism eagles smart contracts to eradicate fraudulent practices.

When it comes to payment settlement, the portal runs on an escrow accounts mechanism. Which seeks to access timely payment of hardworking employees.


The project empowers real-world estate thus enabling users to own them. METRO is an NFT marketplace backed by 100% real estate ownership proving itself to be a game changer.

METO makes perfect use of blockchain technology by resolving many issues. Real estate ownership includes loads of hassle with paperwork, financial barriers, and governmental regulations. This portal is here to draw a line and access the most reliable means to properties. The system captures lucrative properties from all over the world and then converts them into NFTs.

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Then this huge rate is divided into fractions making it accessible for investors to buy at minimal value. These assets yield rent and add-on value in addition.

Swords of Blood 

This is a play-to-earn ecosystem base on leveraging the first AAA quality of the framework. Players can utilize the diverse graphical characters and combat in battles. The portal is a fast-paced F2P and RPG on Polygon-based tokens. For investment and trading check Bitcoin Smart.

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