4liker APK Download Free Latest Version 2021 (Android & iOS)

4liker Pro MOD APK Download Free Latest Version 2022 (Android & iOS)

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4liker Pro MOD APK is a dedicated drive App for Facebook. Which allows you to increase likes on all the photos, videos, and other posts that you upload to your page. Besides increasing comments and seeing stories and status significantly within a few minutes. Also, 4liker features the ability to receive automatic likes on all the media you share.

Not only that, but the app is also full of new and amazing features. Which you will be able to see below all the information. As we will provide you with the best way to download 4liker MOD APK the latest version 2022 free for Android. Besides offering another great way to download 4liker for iOS. In addition to explaining all the details about the application and displaying all the features that you can use.

4liker MOD APK (Tutorial)

About 4liker Pro MODAPK

4liker APK is the best solution that you can use to get more likes, comments, and shares for any item you post on Facebook. Many people have used the app to promote their Facebook pages. In addition to increasing the number of visitors and viewers for your cases, stories, and everything you share. Then you had remarkable success in promoting and increasing comments and avoiding spam and other additions.

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Also, 4liker Pro MOD APK2022 features several automatic options that will help you get your page to the highest ranks with minimal effort and in a very short time. Where the App contains the feature of automatic admiration. Which we will provide you with more than 400 likes in a short time with more than 60 comments. It is one of the most important functions that 4liker App provides to you. As you can improve the platform, control some publishing options, and avoid intruders.

Despite this, 4liker is a completely safe application and does not contain any malware. As the App is small in size, convenient, and easy to install. Also, the application does not contain any viruses or corrupted files and is 100% protected. In addition to the availability of several other ways to get 4liker for iPhone easily. Although there is no 4liker App on Google Play. But you can download 4liker Apk Latest Version easily through the following link.

With a very smooth user interface, you don’t need any skills. Also, one of the most important features of the application is that it contains more options for promoting posts on Instagram. In addition to the possibility of download 4liker Pro Apk the latest version without any permissions. As you will not root your device when you download 4liker tool. You can see more other information below.

Features Of 4liker APK

Features Of 4liker APK

  • New Features. Once you have finished installing the App on your phone. Then you can enjoy a variety of new and unique features and benefits.
  • Auto Like. You can enable the automatic like option in the application. So you can get hundreds of likes in a very short time.
  • Increase Comments. Also, you will enjoy upgrading and increasing the number of comments. And sometimes up to 50 comments per post. As you can skip this number.
  • No Spam. One of the best improvements you can use in the app. As 4liker is completely free of spam, just like Insta Followers Pro APK.
  • Promotion. You can use the app to promote many different things. In addition to the ability to promote Instagram posts and posts easily.
  • 350 Likes. Also, you will get more than 350 likes for every post you share. Not only that but you can get double that as well.
  • Promotion Pages. If you are looking for the best way to promote your Facebook page and make it in the advanced ranks. Then you can use 4liker to do this.
  • Control. Now take advantage of more status and story control options. Besides removing and avoiding spam and improving likes.
  • Smooth User Interface. No skills are required to start using the App. The user interface is familiar, easy to use, and free from any ads.
  • Free. You will not pay a single cent to download and install 4liker on your phone. Where the app is available for free for all versions of Android /iPhone.
  • No Root. If you want to download 4liker Apk latest version 2021 for Android. Then you will not root your phone anyway. Also, it’s compatible with all medium versions.
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Download 4liker Pro MOD APK Latset Version 2022

Download 4liker Pro APK Latset Version 2021

Download 4liker APK Free for Android

4liker APK v2.6 Download Free


  • At the top, you will find a link to download the App.
  • Click on the download link and wait for a while.
  • When the download is finished, you will go to Settings.
  • After that, you will choose Security and then enable Unknown Sources.
  • In order to avoid any malfunction when installing the tool.
  • Now open the Downloads on your device.
  • Then you can then start the installation steps.
  • Once the installation is finished, open the 4liker App.
  • Now you can enjoy more like and comment on your posts.

How to Download 4liker App for iOS

There is more than one effective method that you can try to get 4liker on iOS. Where you can use the Tweakdoor App or Appvalley to do this step easily. Just like you download any third-party app that is not available in the Apple Store.


Now you can get the best way with 4liker Pro Mod Apk 2022 to promote and improve likes and comments on your Facebook posts. Where you can enjoy 400 likes in a few seconds. In addition to more than 60 new comments and the removal of any spam. Also, you can enjoy using more new options and controlling application settings. In addition to a very distinct set of new features that you will see above.

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