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Youtube Vanced Apk Download Free the Latest Version for Android

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Nowadays, YouTube takes an important place in our lives. Anyone can now be using YouTube for watching a lot of videos such as sports, music, comedy, movies, and so on. YouTube Vanced APK is an amazing app for Android users. It works on YouTube for making users watch videos without any ads. This app is totally free without any fees. It allows you to watch videos for free without any internal ads in videos. In this article, I will tell you about this amazing app, the features of this app, and how to download and install the App file on your Android phone.

About YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is like an adjusted version of the YouTube app. You are able to play music or video in the background. The users can benefit from this app because it decreases watching ads in the video. It also doesn’t waste our time and keeps us watching without any ads for free. The App has a lot of features that are not allowed in the original YouTube app. These features are the cause of the popularity of YouTube Vanced. This app supports a lot of features. One of them is that when you watch the video on any website, you are able to exit the app and play the music from the video easily. It works like a music player but in videos, the sound of the video won’t stop in the background. However, you can’t download videos from YouTube with this app.

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  • Blocking Ads in Any Video

The main feature of this amazing app is that you can watch the video without any ads. YouTube Vanced works as a tool for blocking all the ads in the videos on YouTube. Moreover, you can easily watch any video without any annoying things such as pausing or retard the video. So, these annoying issues may happen from ads. Ads also may reduce time and increases the users’ uninterested in watching videos on YouTube. So, YouTube Vanced supports this feature to make the audience interested in watching videos without ads for free.

  • Playing Music without Watching the Video

By using YouTube Vanced you have the ability to listen to some music without watching or opening the app. Simply in this app the music of the video play in the background if you like to listen only. So, if you are exiting the app the music will work and you can control it. You can use this app as a music player if you like it by playing the video of any song on YouTube. Then, it’s up to you if you want to exit the app and keep the music playing on your phone and listen to it. As I mentioned before this app also works as a music player tool for YouTube videos.

  • Ability to Change the App Theme

Youtube Vanced allows a lot of themes; you can easily change the background of the app and use any theme that you like. You can choose different themes from Youtube Vanced settings. The theme colors in this app are very charming such as black, dark, and white. You are able to choose the theme that you need. This feature is useful for the user who likes changing to doesn’t get bored.

  • YouTube Vanced Supports Multiple Tasks

The app allows multitasking. That means when you are using any app else, you are able to use this YouTube Vanced easily with the app other that you work on. This feature helps you to do anything that you like and use the app at the same time.

  • Playing the Video and Repeating It Automatically

You can use the default playing the video simply by YouTube Vanced APK. With this feature, you don’t want to press more than one time on the video to watch it. This feature makes the video plays automatically. With this app, you can set the feature of repeating videos. You just need to choose this option from repeat mode. After choosing this feature the video will repeat one more time automatically.

  • Control the Video resolution

You can use this feature for controlling the video resolution according to your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Also, if you have a bad network the video resolution will stay at the same resolution choice that you choose for online watching videos on YouTube.

  • This app supports watching videos in HD quality

YouTube Vanced app lets you enjoy watching videos from YouTube without ads and also in high quality. This amazing app supports watching from YouTube in HD quality and high resolution.

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How to download and install YouTube Vanced APK?

Download Youtube Vanced Apk

If you want to get this amazing app on your Android phone and enjoy all its features, you just need to follow the steps of downloading and installing the app below. You just need to download the APK file above. Then, check your Android version from the sitting it should be above 4.0. Also, you should uninstall all the YouTube app updates from your Android phone. In addition, you must disable an auto-update in Google Play Store.

Now, you are able to download the APK file from the link above and follow the downloading process. After that go to install it by allowing (Unknown Sources) from your mobile settings then go to security then allow it. It’s like the installation processes of any APK file. Then, to login into your Gmail account, you just need to download another app called MicroG. After the login process, you can now be using the app and enjoy watching videos from YouTube without any ads. Also, you can listen to any video music easily as I mentioned before.


In conclusion, I mentioned above about YouTube Vanced APK, the features of this amazing app, and finally downloading and installing it from the APK file above. This app is very useful because it simply lets you enjoy watching videos without any ads during the video. Also, this app supports a lot of features which means you don’t need a YouTube official app because the YouTube Vanced app supports all YouTube features but without any ads.

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