The Room Old Sins APK + OBB Download Free For Android Latest Version

The Room Old Sins APK +OBB Download 1.0.2 For Android Latest Version

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The Room Old Sins APK + OBB MOD is a very exciting puzzle game. Where you can enter the Chamber of Ancient Sins and explore all the puzzles by touch as you can search for artifacts and dolls and try to solve the puzzle. In addition to exploring the dollhouse, follow the mysterious clues and discover the truth yourself. The Room Old Sins APK Latest Version enjoys merging more than one feeling at the same time, as it combines horror games, exploration games, and puzzles.

With a distinct user interface and very beautiful sound and picture effects. Moreover, you will enjoy ad-free gameplay and you will play The Room Old Sins Paid Unlocked to get all the game add-ons easily. Also, access the ultimate treasure chest with cloud storage support and other features. Therefore, in the next, you will find a direct link to The Room Old Sins APK Free Download for Android the latest version 2022, and other details.

About The Room Old Sins APK MOD

The Room Old Sins APK Latest Version is a new and very distinct version of The Room 4: Old Sins. Which is considered one of the most interesting explorations and puzzle games full of adventures /activities. The story revolves around the sudden disappearance of an engineer and his wife, which prompts you to search around this case to discover that the dollhouse contains a valuable piece of antiquities. Once you start prospecting for gold.

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Along, you will discover strange dolls and new locations with very special effects. Besides, follow the clues and explore the deceptively complex dollhouse on The Room Old Sins MOD APK. In addition to using more tools within Waldegrave Manor and doing many other activities on The Room Old Sins. As the game features smooth gameplay and endless suspense with new explorations every day.

Not only that but enjoy an improved user interface without any annoying ads. In addition to the wonderful intuitive objects and smooth gameplay controls in The Room Old Sins. Plus, multiple supports for several different languages, pick up and play design, as you will enjoy the atmospheric sound effects and create and get rid of the real stuff. Moreover, enter the room of ancient sins and see the truth of the world and the mystery with your own eyes on The Room Old Sins APK OBB Full Version.

There are many other surprises that you must try in The Room 4 Old Sins to enjoy the best experience of the new version of the game. Despite this, The Room Old Sins APK Latest Version is completely reliable, secure, and without any malware. Also, the size of the game is suitable for your device data and is compatible with all versions of Android, iOS, and PC.

The Room Old Sins APK MOD Feauters

The Room Old Sins APK MOD Feauters

  • Easy Interface. One of the best features of The Room Old Sins APK Unlocked is the simple user interface that is familiar to many users of the game or other versions.
  • No Root. You do not need to root your phone when you The Room Old Sins APK Free download the latest version for Android. Where the game is fully supported and you don’t need this permission.
  • No Ads. Just like Doom 3: BFG Edition and other puzzle games. Unwanted ads and all pop-up compatibility have been removed with other improvements.
  • Unique Sound Effects. Enjoy more new improvements in The Room Old Sins’s sound effects. Where you can enjoy a unique sonic track and an atmospheric sound that matches the environment.
  • Ultimate Puzzle Box. Start your adventure now on The Room Old Sins MOD so that you can reach the final puzzle chest and explore more new puzzles.
  • Graphics Improvement. The Room Old Sins has high-quality HD graphics with additional improvements in colors, backgrounds, and the entire gameplay.
  • Languages ​​Support. Also, play The Room Old Sins APK MOD 2022 in more than one language. Where you can play the game in English, Spanish, French, or any other available language.
  • New Locations. One of the best new updates in the game. Where you can enjoy exploring more new places and solving more puzzles.
  • Compatibility. You can use The game on any phone you have now. Because the game is compatible with all versions of Android and all iPhone and PC devices through the emulator.
  • Free. Get the game with The Room Old Sins + OBB profile and all the features you saw in the past for free and without paying any cent or any accounts or log in.
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The Room Old Sins APK + MOD + OBB (Paid) Free Download Latest Version

The Room Old Sins APK + MOD + OBB (Paid) Free Download Latest Version

Download The Room Old Sins Apk for Android

The Room Old Sins Apk v1.0.2 Download

Download OBB Data


All you have to do now is click on the previous link to start the download. Once the game has finished downloading, open the security settings. Then allow Unknown Sources. In order to install the game correctly. Now open the downloads and click on The Room Old Sins APK file to start the installation and then run the game and enjoy the new version.


The Room Old Sins MOD PAK Latest Version 2022 is an exciting puzzle game full of adventures. Where you can search for artifacts, explore the dollhouse and live in an exceptional atmosphere. In addition to getting the ultimate puzzle chest and the ability to save to the cloud with distinct improvements in the user interface and the gameplay. Also, explore more new possibilities and play the game in more than one language, and the paid one has been opened for the first time in order to get all the game additions and new features that were not available in the original version or any other version.

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