Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK v3.0.7 (Unlimited Money)

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Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Research Coins) is a unique simulation game. Where you can create your own smartphone company, hire staff, and use your experience in creating new brands of smartphones and repairing old versions. Plus introduced new types with new features in the market to attract more users. You can search for new technologies, apply them, and create huge advertising campaigns so that people know the advantages of the phones that you develop.

Also, use Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK Free Shopping to enjoy getting any tools and items easily from the game store. Not only that, but get unlimited searches, unlimited coins, and many other new rewards. You will also find more improvements in the user interface and the main menu. Therefore, we will provide you with a link to download Smartphone Tycoon 2 Mod Apk latest version for Android below. With a lot of other information about the new game.

Smartphone Tycoon 2 Gameplay

About Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very interesting and unique technology simulation game. Simulation games are among the most preferred games by millions of people around the world. Where you can live the realism and the real world inside these games with different plots and a variety of gameplay. But in this game, you will not simulate construction and management, wars, or strategic survival games.

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But you can build your own career and create the largest smartphone manufacturing company in order to become a rich businessman. You will choose the brand name of your company at the beginning of the game, such as the most famous international companies such as Applee, Huaweii, Samsungg, and others. You will start playing Smartphone Tycoon 2 by hiring your own team that you will train, hire and manage.

The success of any company depends primarily on the quality of the employees that work in this company. Besides, get rid of any bad employees in order to ensure a high-quality product. Unleash your ideas and create new types and new designs of smartphones. Plus, search for the best technologies that you will apply to your devices. Moreover, you can save a huge budget in order to run large advertising campaigns for your smartphones. As you will find a lot of factual details on Smartphone Tycoon 2.

Also, when you play the modified version, you will get Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK No Ads. Because annoying ads have been removed from the user interface in order to enjoy the best experience. Besides, free shopping easily. In addition to collecting unlimited money, unlimited research, and unlimited coins. However, Smartphone Tycoon 2 is compatible with Android and iOS and includes many other features that you will find when you start using it.

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK Features

  • Create Your Own Company: When you start playing Smartphone Tycoon 2 Mod Apk, you will play the role of one of the owners of a smartphone company that you will develop and expand and make one of the most famous companies in the world.
  • Develop New Smartphones: You can unleash your imagination in order to come up with creative ideas to add to smartphones in order to attract more users.
  • Look For New Technologies: The more technical your product is and the more advanced features it contains. Then the more spread you are in the market and the more profits you make.
  • Appointment of Employees: Of course, hiring efficient employees in your company will be the first step in developing high-quality smartphones. As any success in any organization depends on the efficiency of the work team.
  • Marketing Campaigns: In order to enjoy realism in many details within the gameplay. Then you can pump big money to market your smartphones through ads.
  • Upgrades: Smartphone Tycoon 2 contains an advanced system to upgrade photography and transportation features. In addition to expanding the company, customizing the field, and other options.
  • Graphics: One of the most important features of the new game. The graphics and control options within the game have been improved. With real effects suitable for the atmosphere of the gameplay.
  • Unlimited Coins: Once you start playing the mod version of the game. Then you can get unlimited search replays. Plus unlimited money and others. Just like Game Dev Tycoon MOD APK.
  • Free Shopping: Use the free shopping feature easy to get anything you want from the game store. Because in-app purchases are enabled.
  • No Ads: Once the game file has been installed and started playing. Then you will enjoy a user interface free of ads and unwanted files.
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Download Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download Smartphone Tycoon 2 Mod Apk for Android

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD v3.0.7 Download


First, you can download Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK 2023 through the link provided at the top. Then you will be directed to the direct download page. Now click on the game button and wait a minute. Then go to “File Manager” on your Android phone to start the normal “APK” file installation steps. After that, you can open the new game and start playing it easily.


Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Research) is a fun and unique simulation game with creative gameplay. If you are interested in technology and smartphones and want to develop your own brand of mobile phones. Then this game will be suitable for you. Where you can create your own company, start developing new smartphones, and choose a specific name for the brand. As well as hire employees and manage all departments. In addition to enjoying realism in many aspects of the game. Moreover, unlock everything and get unlimited money. Plus, use free shopping, remove annoying ads, and other features.

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