ps4 remote play apk download free the latest version for android

Ps4 Remote Play Apk Download Free the Latest Version for Android

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Nowadays, Sony brings for its users Ps4 Remote Play APK to enjoy playing your PS4 favorite games on the screens of your Android devices especially phones and tablets. So, that means you can use a smartphone to play the PS4 games without any connection with TV. After installing the PS4 remote play APK you will enjoy playing amazing PS4 games on your Android screen. Now you don’t need to buy TV to play PS4 games. By this great app, you can easily play PS4 games on your smartphones. You just need to make a connection between your smartphones, especially android into the PS4 controller to enjoy playing PS4 games.

This app works with a connection to the internet to make your smartphone and PS4 controller at the same Wi-Fi. Making an internet connection between the PS4 controller and Smartphones lets the users enjoy playing without interruption. In this article, I will give background info about PS4 Remote Play APK, the Android devices that support it, the features of this great app, the downloading process in your Android, how to use it.

Background information about PS4 Remote Play APK

As I mentioned above PS4 remote play app is for users that can’t make a connection between their PS4 controller and their TVs all the time. All of us may face a lot of problems that let us can’t play PS4 on our TV for different reasons such as when our parents are using the TV for watching movies and so on. However, PS4 remote play APK solves this problem, by letting the users enjoy playing their PS4 games in the screens of their Android devices. So you just need to download the APK file below in your Android phone then make communication between it and the PS4 controller by your Wi-Fi network. After that, you can easily enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games on your Android phone by this great app.

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The Android devices that support PS4 Remote Play APK

PS4 remote play app now is available on all Android devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and so on. Unlike the first version of this app, it only works on limited devices such as Sony Xperia devices like Z2, Z3, Z5, etc. For this time no restrictions to play PS4 games in any Android devices by this version of the app. You just need an Android version above 5.0 to use this app and enjoy playing PS4 games on your Android devices easily without any efforts. This version works on a huge number of Android devices. So, to get this app in your Android you want to press on Download the APK file link below on your Android and follow the instructions of downloading and installation processes below.

The features of PS4 Remote Play APK

Playing on any Smartphone

You can use PS4 Remote Play APK to playing your favorite PS4 games and switching between your Android devices easily by this amazing app. To switch to any Android device else you just need to pause the game and then switch to another Android device easily. However, make sure that your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network lane.

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  The feature of switching

By this great app, you can switch devices in a very simple way. When you are playing on your TV screen, you can move on to any other Android device without leaving the game that you play. That happens through the support of the Dualshock wireless controller.

You don’t need to use the TV

As I mentioned above, you don’t need to use your TV screen to play PS4 games. However, you just need to download the APK file below on your Android phone or tablet. After downloading the app you can easily use it for making communication between your PS4 controller and your Android phone. Also, you can play your games without illuminating the whole room at night, unlike the TV makes the whole room bright.

Download PS4 Remote Play APK in your Android devices

Download PS4 Remote Play APK V.3.0 

To get this amazing app in your Android devices and enjoy playing PS4 games on your Android screen. You just need to press on the downloading APK file link above. Before completing the downloading process make sure that you have an Android version 5.0 or higher than it. Then continue the downloading process. After completing it goes to install the APK file that you downloaded. You can install it in a very simple way by going to your phone settings -> then open privacy & security -> finally you need to access -> (Unknown Sources) in your Android device. At the end of the installation process, you just want to press on (Done). Now, the app was successfully installed in your Android device. You just need to open it then enjoy playing PS4 games in your Android devices.

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How to use PS4 Remote Play APK in your Android devices?

PS4 Remote Play app is very easy to use. So, you just need before opening this amazing app, check your internet connection. In order to, in the same network for the PS4 controller and your Android phone. You should open the app then go to your mobile settings. Then choose remote connection and resting mode. After that, you must make a connection between your Android phone and the PS4 controller. Note that the rest mode will low the power consumption to enjoy playing in your Android device for a long time. Also, you should use a home network to keep stability when you are playing.


In conclusion, I presented in this article background info about PS4 Remote Play APK, the app works on a huge number of Android devices, the features of this amazing app, how to download PS4 remote play APK in your Android devices, and finally how to use it easily. I hope this article was helping you to download the PS4 remote play app. If you have an android phone version above 5.0, go ahead to download it and enjoy playing PS4 on your Android screens.

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