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By Kik APK you can easily communicate with your family and friends. So, you just need one touch on your phone to communicate with them in a very simple way. In addition, Kik APK doesn’t show your phone number you can easily sign up with your email address. So, it is unlike any other app in this field that requires you to detect your phone number. I think that saves your privacy as a Kik user. You can download the APK file below and enjoy communicating with your friends and family. Kik APK is allowed for its users to protect their privacy, this is the cause of its popularity. In this article, I will tell you about Kik APK, why you should get it on your phone, the feature of this great app.

General information about Kik APK

Kik APK is like any messenger apps have a huge number of features, but it has more unique features. It is a free texting and social networking app. So, to use it for chatting you just need to connect to the internet then enjoy chatting with your friends and family. You can get this app easily on your Android phone. Kik APK is unique itself with special features however it targets specific people such as the teenagers because of its affirmation to save privacy and anonymity. The popularity of the Kik app In 2016 more than 300 million users in the United States and its users especially from teenagers with 40% at this time.

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Why should you download Kik APK on your phone?

By Kik APK the users can register with the user name to log in with only their ID and password that they choose. That means you do not need to use your phone number for registering in this app. it required only your name and email address that lets you save your privacy and log in with only the ID that you create. This attracts not only teenagers but other people who privacy concerns. The official minimum age for registration in this app is 13 years old. Kik supports the users to send messages to others, photos, videos, stickers, mobile web pages, emoji, and so on.

Also, it doesn’t share automatically your personal information with other people. So, your friends on Kik are able to see your profile picture, display name, and user name. However, they aren’t able to see your phone number, email address, or birthday. Also, In Kik groups, the members can only see your user name. In the Kik messenger app, you have an optional feature that is matching accounts or phone numbers on your phone to help you find the contacts that you know.

The features of Kik APK

You can use Kik APK easily

You can use this great messaging app in a very simple way. So this app is a full-featured messenger you can use it for texting everyone has the same app easily, with a number of attractive perks. Kik app is the same as any text-messaging apps, it sends notifications for users to let them know if they are receiving messages, and also know when they have sent a message.

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The custom features of this app

By the Kik app, you are able to custom everything on it as you need. So, you can control the sound of the notifications with different tones, and you are able to apply a lot of themes to your conversations. For every different user, you can put a different theme in your chat with him. I think this is an excellent feature you can use it to do not get bored from chatting.

The feature of live typing

This great feature lets you know the real-time that the contact was replying to your chat. So by this feature, you know before getting the message that will be coming for you. In addition, you are able to know when a message you have sent and when it reads from your contact.

The feature of inviting your friends

Now, you are able to use Kik to invite your friends or your family by SMS, email, or by social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you are saving contacts on your mobile phone friends automatically shows as your friend on Kik. However, this is an optional feature you can control it easily. Before allowing this feature Kik sends notifications for you to access it.

The feature of video and group chat

By this feature, you are able to start a group chat by pressing on the icon of search, then press on start a group chat, after that adding your contacts to your group and enjoy chatting with them. So, you can join a group chat and adding more than 49 other group members. The other users can’t join private groups in the app. However, it has public groups that any user can join it easily and making new friends via it.

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How to get Kik APK on your phone?

To download this Kik APK on your phone, you have to different ways to get it on your phone. The first way to get it by searching on it in Google Play Store then you can easily download it. However, if you don’t have Google Play Store app in your phone or have any problems in it, don’t worry you can easily download it from our website. So, the second way to get this app you can allow the unknown sources in your Android phone to download the APK file below. To allow the unknown sources in your Android phone go to your mobile settings> privacy & security then allow it. After ending the downloading process open it then tap on (Done). Right now you can be using this great app and enjoy chatting with your friends and family.

Download Kik Apk Messenger

   Download Kik Apk v15.24.0


To sum up, I presented in this article general information about Kik APK, should you download it or not, the feature of this amazing app. I hope this article was benefiting you. Don’t waste a lot of time and go to download Kik from the APK file link above.

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