Ghost Kik APK 2021 Full Free Download (latest Version) For Android

Ghost Kik APK 2022 Full Free Download (Latest Version) For Android

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Ghost Kik APK 2022 Full Version is a unique messaging App. Where you can fake your Ghost Kik ID to deceive your friends and family and communicate with them. In addition, the App is very distinguished in sending and sharing photos and videos and communicating through messages and the camera. Just like the different social media Apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Where you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Or mobile data and enjoy a new experience of instant messaging. In addition to enjoying amazing features and Unlimited Control. Also, you can Hide Your Online Status, change IP easily, and other great features that we will show in the next. As we will provide you with a free and direct download link to get Ghost Kik APK the latest version 2022 for Android, as you will see all the features in the details below.

About Ghost Kik APK

Ghost Kik APK Download Free is a new form of social networking App. Which provides you with all the features of instant messaging, sharing diaries with your friends, and making new friends. But what is unique in Ghost Kik is the ability to joke with your family members and fake your ID while connected to the Internet, Just like Kik Lynx. As the application features a very simple and easy-to-use user interface with all other instant messaging apps additions.

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Where you can enjoy chat colors and settings and use amazing and New Emojis. Also, you will write messages without the “Is Tying“, which is one of the most prominent features available in Ghost Kik. As well as you can Create a Group of 10 Members as a maximum and receive an unlimited number of instant messages. In addition to removing any age restrictions on the use of the app, allowing the use of Ghost Kik 2021 for everyone.

Also, you can make annoying with your friends by Fake Camera Option. Besides that, the application does not require any add-ons to run and you can enable the option to play games and other options. One of the best features of Ghost Kik Mod Apk is that it is free from any annoying ads while chatting. Besides the app contains a unique library with many emojis from other social media apps.

Also, you will send and receive photos and videos, share them, change texts, and hide your online status. Besides, Ghost Kik App is completely safe and reliable and without any malware or viruses. You can also download Ghost Kik App for iOS, just when you jailbreak your phone to do so. But you are not required to root your phone when you Ghost Kik APK Download the latest version for Android.

Features Of Ghost Kik APK

Features Of Ghost Kik APK

  • Social App. You can use Ghost Kik App as a successful alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook, or even Instagram. Where the application contains amazing features that lead it forward.
  • Fake ID. One of the most important things you can use in the application. Where you can fake the ID and deceive your friends and contacts easily.
  • Disable Tying. Also, you can control more settings that enable you to even disable the option to be “Is Tying” while writing and sending any message.
  • Create Groups. You can enjoy creating groups just like other social media platforms. But a limit of 10 members per group.
  • Send & Receive Media. Also, enjoy sending and receiving media easily and in any size or format in the instant messages of the application, just like Messenger.
  • Share Photos /Videos. Share any photo or video with your friends and other contacts easily. It is one of the most prominent features available in the app.
  • Hide Your Status. If you want no one in your contacts to know that you are active on Ghost Kik. Then you can hide your online status easily.
  • Reliable /Secure. The App does not contain any harmful software, and it is completely secure on phone data, reliable, and compatible with all versions of Android and iOS.
  • No Root. If you download Ghost Kik APK Free for Android, you will not root your phone. But you will need to jailbreak your device if you want to download Ghost Kik for iPhone.
  • Free. Use all the previous additions and features with unlimited control and an easy user interface for 100% free of charge. Also, Ghost Kik APK is characterized by a suitable and small size.
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Ghost Kik APK 2022 Download Free (Full Version – Latest Version)

Ghost Kik APK 2021 Download Free (Full Version - Latest Version)

Download Ghost Kik Apk for Android

Ghost Kik APK Free Download


  • First, you will Ghost Kik free download from above.
  • All you have to do now is wait a minute.
  • When the download is finished, the Security Settings will open.
  • Now you will enable the Unknown Sources option on your device.
  • After that, you will go to the location of the app file on your phone.
  • To start installing Ghost Kik App.
  • You now successfully got Ghost Kik free.


Now enjoy one of the best instant messaging and social media apps and the best alternative to Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram is Ghost Kik APK 2022 free download. Which provides you with all the features of the previous apps along with the ability to fake your battle and deceive your contacts easily. In addition to the ease of use and control over the settings of the lengthening and disabling the connection restriction. In addition to hiding your status on the application easily and the ability to create groups and add 10 members to each group. Also, there are no annoying ads on Ghost Kik, as the App is free of any ads and completely reliable. As you will get Ghost Kik without paying a cent to enjoy a new experience with instant messaging.

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