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Flappy Bird Apk Download Free the Latest Version for Android

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Nguyen creates Flappy Bird APK in 2013. It is an arcade single-player game that was launched in the official mobile app stores. Then, it was published by the producer company DotGEARS. So, a huge number of people play Flappy Bird because it has a very small size. In addition, it doesn’t damage your mobile battery health. It is a very enjoyable game and this is the cause of its popularity. In 2014, this amazing game generates more than 50 million downloads process. So, nowadays it becomes one of the top free games for Android users. In this article, I will tell you about flappy bird APK, how to play this great game, the features of it, it is safe for your Android or not, how to install it in your device.

About Flappy Bird APK

Flappy Bird APK was criticized by the users when it was launched, in order to the similarity between Flappy Bird and Super Mario (the old video game). After that, the game was removed from the official app stores such as App Store and Google Play Store. So, after a year of its launching in 2014, Nguyen mentioned that he was feeling guilty then Flappy Bird was removed quickly from the official stores. However, if you would like to play this great game again, you can download this amazing game from our website here. So, you just need to follow the instructions of installing and downloading processes to get this amazing game in your Android phone once again.

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How to play Flappy Bird APK?

Flappy Bird APK is related to 2 dimension retro-style graphics games. It is a side-scrolling game. The main goal of this amazing game is that you should direct Faby (the bird in this game) by touching your phone screen, and then Faby will start flying. After that, the bird Faby will start to move from up to down in the right direction and crossing the pipes the same as Super Mario. So, this game doesn’t endless, you should get a high score every time that you play the game in.

After crossing more pipes the game will become harder than the beginnings. However, if the player keeps the bird touches the pipes, he will lose. The players should control the bird Fabby carefully. By touching on the screen to get the bird high and leave the screen to get the bird down. Then the players should pass between the pipes to get high score.

The features of Flappy Bird APK

Small size with a simple graphic

As I mentioned above, Flappy Bird APK doesn’t exploit a high space in your mobile storage. For this reason, it becomes very popular. Also, it doesn’t damage your Android mobile battery health because it is a very simple game. So, you can download it and enjoy playing for a lot of time without much influence on your Android phone’s battery.

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The popularity of the game

The popularity of this great game exceeded 50 million players all over the world once it’s launched. According to the developer, Nguyen said that he was earned up to $50,000 from the game ads daily. That means the game is very exciting to play and also it is very enjoyable. Now you can get this amazing game in your Android phone from the APK file link below easily. You just want to follow the downloading instructions below.

Flappy Bird is totally free

Now you can get this great game for free without any fees or costs. So, Google Play Store doesn’t support this game because of the reasons above. However, our website brings a secure APK file link to download this game from it.

Is Flappy Bird APK safe for your Android phone?

Of course, Flappy Bird APK is safe for your Android device. So, for more security, I recommended that you should have an anti-virus in your device before installing the APK file. You should also download it from the secure websites. Our website brings for you a secure APK file you can download it easily by pressing on the APK link. Unfortunately, nowadays the official stores don’t support this great game but you can download it easily from here.

How to download Flappy Bird APK?

Download Flappy Bird APK

To download Flappy Bird APK you just need to press on the link (Download Flappy Bird APK V. 1.3). After that, it will be automatically downloaded on your Android phone. This is a very simple graphic game and it has a small size it doesn’t take a lot of time when you download it. Before you are downloading the game, make sure from your Android version should be above 2.0. After completing the downloading process, you should install it.

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To install Flappy Bird you should go to your mobile settings then open privacy and security then activate unknown sources. After that, you should go to the file that you downloaded and install it. At the end of the installation process, you should press on (Done). Now the game was successfully installed on your Android phone. You just need to go to open it and get a high score. It is a very enjoyable game go ahead to download it from the link above don’t waste a lot of time.


To sum up, I explained in this essay about flappy bird APK, how to play this amazing game, the features of Flappy Bird, do it safely for your Android phone or not, how to install it in your Android easily. This is a very simple game it doesn’t damage your mobile battery health. Also, this game is very easy to play; it depends on your quick response to cross the pipes. I hope this article was benefited you to get this great simple game on your Android phone. Go ahead to download it and enjoy playing this game. If you are losing, do not give up try again and you will get a high score.

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