Is It Still Worth Playing FC 24?

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Is It Still Worth Playing FC 24?

As we write this, the European football seasons are starting to wrap up. This means that we are just a few months away from the next iteration of FC (FC 25, of course). This does leave people wondering whether it is still worth playing FC 24 or buying FIFA coins PC, especially with a new game around the corner. Well, let’s help.

The Gameplay Won’t Change Much

Love it or hate it, but when FC 25 comes out, the gameplay won’t be changing too much. This means that if you start playing on EA FC 24 today, then you’ll be able to take the skills that you’ve learned and apply it to FIFA 25. You’ll end up being a considerably better player, which we’re sure you want to be.

Cards Are Great Now

If you’re going to be jumping into EA FC 24 Ultimate Team and, let’s face it, you probably will, then FC 24 is worth picking up. This is the time when EA starts to go really crazy in terms of quality cards. For example, the TOTS cards have just released, and their stats are MIND BLOWING. EA is handy them out like crazy too, which means you might be able to pick up a few.

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Cards are Cheaper Than Ever

As the game is nearing the end of its life, the card market is saturated with good cards. This means that if you’re planning to dabble with Ultimate Team, then you can pick up some really good players cheap. Sure, you’ll need to grind for a few coins if you want to grab these players but, oh boy, is it worth it. Even the newest players could end up with a decent team in just a few weeks, and this means that you’ll be having a whole lot more fun playing EA FC 24 online.

The Game is Cheaper than Ever.

It is now cheaper than ever to jump into FUT 24. The game has just been given away on PS Plus (if you’re reading this in May 2024, you might still be able to grab it), and it will likely launch on EA Access pretty soon too. If you want to buy it, then it goes on sale regularly, and you’ll probably be able to pick up a physical copy for a few dollars.

Even when FC 25 releases, you can bet your bottom dollar that people will still be kicking around in EA FC 24 for a while.

So, Is It Worth It?

You bet it is! You can jump into FC 24 right now, and you’ll have an amazing time with the game, even if you do end up purchasing the next version of the game in September (when FC 25 comes out). If you want to make the most of FC 24, then you might want to look into EAFC 24 boosting. It’ll save you a bit of time boosting your rank in game. The best place to go for this is

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