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Choosing an online fundraising platform is really worth thinking about. If you have a newly established non-profit organization, you are definitely looking for the best donation platform for your organization online. The donation platforms make it easy to collect money from online donations.

Donorbox is one of the most powerful and best online donation platforms. It is fast and easy to set up where you can start installing the system and collect donations in just 15 minutes.

Donorbox features

  • Free under $1,000 in donations for a month.
  • Fast checkout: it has a quick checkout process.
  • accept most online payment methods (Apple Pay, PayPal express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank Payments)
  • Donorbox donation website help you to increase online donations.
  • Support multi-currency.
  • Easy setup Pop-up Donation Forms.
  • Support 9 different languages.
  • Donorbox has a powerful security system such as SSL / TLS Encryption, Encrypted Credit Card information and Fraud Detection.
  • Tokenization of Financial Data: doesn’t store any card information.
  • Easy to collect contacts data such as email, address and phone.
  • The existence of a personal file for each donor with a summary of the donations and the amounts donated.
  • You can organize and track your donors contributions.
  • you can add 10 questions to know more about your donors.
  • manage your records easily by adding internal notes to each donor.
  • Donorbox API can help you to add more features to your donorbox system.
  • Easy to use and sync MailChimp Integration with your donors mailing list.
  • Easily Complete Customization to Make Donorbox more perfectly with your website.
  • Get your free Donation Page with SSL-enabled servers.
  • Each donor receives a tax receipt for each donation.
  • Ability to send tax receipts and details of donations to donors easily at the end of each year.
  • GDPR-Friendly Forms.
  • The Donor site accepts donations from anonymous donors.
  • track your campaigns with Google analytics code.
  • monitor your website by adding facebook pixel tracking code.
  • also add Google Adwords tracking code and Google ecommerce.
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Donorbox is the best donation platform that you can use for your non-profit organization, because of the wonderful features and capabilities that we mentioned in this article, and it has a strong technical support team that always answer all your questions with great skill and provide you with solutions and useful information.


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